The Simpsons: Season 27 begins with Homer- Marge Split

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
The Simpsons: Season 27 begins with Homer- Marge Split
The Simpsons

Season 27 of The Simpsons premiered with Marge and Homer heading for a separation. Well almost. As it turns out, the couple was only dreaming about it. Read on.

The Simpsons Season 27 began with Homer getting diagnosed with narcolepsy which is a sleep disorder of sorts. He can’t help but fall asleep every so often. He sleeps at work, he sleeps when he is home, he even sleeps through a therapy session. Needless to say Marge disapproves of his behavior. However, he has to put up with it because he has the doctor’s backing with the diagnosis and the prescription, which he uses to get out of commitments or doing chores.

Eventually, things get really out of hand and Marge is forced to consider couples therapy. Homer sleeps through the whole session and only wakes up after the therapist has suggested trial separation. Homer is, as per usual, clueless about the gravity of things and tries to bail out of the situation by suggesting to go into therapy. In other words, he is clueless to the fact that they are already in therapy.

Bart being Bart blames his parents for the separation. He declares that his parents are responsible for all his problems. Marge gets the kids post split and leaves Homer home alone, which the audiences can already predict will most probably spell disaster.

In the ensuing chaos, Homer accidentally dates and beds the pharmacist. What he doesn’t know is that Marge is seeing the pharmacist’s dad. When Homer gets to meet his date’s family, things come to a head.

But the complication is resolved in a roundabout way that is typical to the tv show. Apparently, the whole episode was just Homer’s dream at the therapist. But wait, even the therapy session was Marge’s dream. So the episode isn’t just a dream, it is a dream within a dream. But wait, even that is a partial truth. The entire episode with its dream within a dream format is just a tattoo on the back of Hannah Horvath from the tv show, “Girls.” So much for all the confusion!

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