The Simpsons to Be Canceled by Fox, Says Goodbye after Season 30?

By Nathalie | 2 years ago
The Simpsons to Be Canceled by Fox, Says Goodbye after Season 30?

The Simpsons is probably the most-known cartoon family in the world to date. The show has been running for 28 seasons now and is waiting to be renewed for its season 29.

Fox has not issued an announcement yet in relation to the renewal of The Simpsons. The only thing fans have to hang on to is the fact that the voice cast is signed until a possible Season 30. The renewal is still hanging in the air now and even more so after Season 30.

In brighter news, however, The Simpsons reached another milestone when it aired its Halloween episode on Sunday night. It was the 600th new airing for the worldwide hit Fox animated series. As TV Series Finale noted, The Simpsons is inching close to the Gunsmoke‘s record. The latter aired a total of 635 episodes.

The Simpsons will be able to reach that number when its Season 29 episode 16 airs sometime in 2018, but then that is still dependent on the renewal decision. The last renewal the show had covering Seasons 27 and 28 was last year. That is why fans are expecting the announcement for Seasons 29 and 30 before this year ends.

But, of course, there is still that small possibility that the animated show will end as it is. Considering that ratings are extremely competitive these days, Fox just might consider moving some resources to new shows or existing ones that need more budget.

It will be a tragedy though if that ever happens. Most people now grew up knowing and watching The Simpsons. Although it is not entirely an animated series ideal for kids, some earlier episodes can actually pull it off.

If The Simpsons does get canceled, fans can still open up the possibility of a movie. The animated film it released in 2007 was such a massive hit that it reached more than $527 million in the box office.


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