‘The SIMS 4’ Game Update: To Receive Another Expansion Called ‘Get Together’

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘The SIMS 4’ Game Update: To Receive Another Expansion Called ‘Get Together’

“The Sims 4,” a life simulation game developed by Maxis and The Sim Studio and published by Electronic Arts, is the only PC game that has topped all format charts for two years. A game where players get the opportunity to create different Sim characters and explore different personalities has a nonlinear gameplay. Looking at the success of the game, the latest update will only excite the fans more.

According to Christian Today, publisher of the game EA recently announced that “The Sims 4” would have an extension pack and that fans should prepare themselves because this new extension will be arriving this November. The new expansion is being called “Get Together” and will mainly focus on group activities. This new game extension is also said to be located at a new location called Windenburg. The place will give players a chance to be a part of different clubs with each of them boasting of own style, personality and interests.

Apart from that, one new feature that players might find even more exciting is that they will be able to create their own clubs and customize them according to their own preferences. If they choose not to create their own club, they can still choose from various options when joining a particular club in the new location of Windenburg. It is being said that with this new version players will be able to join at least three clubs simultaneously and even set certain requirements when they are about to enter a club.

This new version of “The Sims 4” will also reportedly have new human skills incorporated into it making it more user friendly. DJ and dancing are the skills that are being described as some of the newly incorporated skills. People who love being a DJ can do so or if there’s someone who likes to dance can pass on the skills to others as well. The game is currently believed to be in the initial stages of game expansion and fans of the game can look out for its release in the coming months.

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