‘Sinister 2’ Hints Big Changes with Shannyn Sossamon and Twins; Reveals Monster’s Background

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
‘Sinister 2’ Hints Big Changes with Shannyn Sossamon and Twins; Reveals Monster’s   Background
What will happen on ‘Sinister 2?’

The sequel to the 2012 Ethan Hawke starrer “Sinister” is out in a month. The supernatural horror film labeled “Sinister 2” promises some big changes from its predecessor. Read on to find out more.

In an exclusive interview with Cinema Blend, producer Scott Derrickson has teased some major changes from the plot line of the first film. The protagonist and true-crime writer Elliot Oswald, portrayed by Ethan Hawke in the first movie will not appear in “Sinister 2.” The supernatural conflict is instead heaped upon Shannyn Sossamon’s single mother character, Courtney. This movie sees her on the run from her abusive husband with her nine-year-old twin sons played by Robert Daniel Sloan and Dartanian Sloan.

Sossamon, last seen in her role in FOX’s television series “Wayward Pines,” has won plaudits for her last horror vehicle “One Missed Call.” The trailers also hint that the two children will play a crucial part in the plot.

However, not all characters are new in “Sinister 2,” as James Ransone is reprising his role as “Deputy So and So.”

In a separate interview with Cinema Blend, Ransone explained his character’s part in the order of events saying, “My obsession picks up where Ethan’s ends, you know, and I think a lot of it is what first starts like a guilty conscience actually becomes like…to facilitate trying to correct some mistakes of the past.”

Derrickson also teased that the new movie is going to explore the origins of his monster “Burghuul” in much greater detail, and will probably flesh out the mythos behind the Babylonian deity.

Sinister 2” hits the theaters on Aug. 21 in the US, and will be released by Focus Features under their re-launched sci-fi/horror label, Gramercy Pictures. The movie is produced by Jason Blum and Scott Kavanaugh Jones with Scott Derrickson.

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