Sir Ian McKellen Turns Down Mission Impossible: 2 To Star As Magneto

By Anwesha Bose | 2 years ago
Sir Ian McKellen Turns Down Mission Impossible: 2 To Star As Magneto
McKellen rejects MI 2

Tom Cruise starer “Mission Impossible: 2” was rumored to cast the British actor Sir Ian McKellen. The offer was turned down by the veteran. Read on to know more.

The “Mission Impossible” Franchise was casting its second part when Sir McKellen was approached. “They wouldn’t let me see the whole script” retorted the Actor. It was said that only bits and pieces of the script was handed over to him. The Veteran reported that he could not make out the whole story as it was very vague. The production house would not give him the whole script as they were afraid that he might spill the beans.

Fate intervened in McKellen’s life when he received two great offers to make it big. Bryan Singer had offered him the role of Magneto in the “X-Men” series and later Peter Jackson came up with Gandalf in “Lord Of The Rings”. These irresistible offers were hard to decline for McKellen, which made history.

The “Mission Impossible: 2,” directed by John Woo went on to cast Dougray Scott and Thandie Newton opposite Tom Cruise, DenOfGeek reported.

The shooting for “Mission Impossible” was scheduled after Cruise finished his shoot for “Eyes Wide Shut” directed by Stanley Kubrick. This could have been detrimental for McKellen to star in the “X-Men” series or to star as Gandalf. He had turned down Mi2 to opt for Magneto and Gandalf. He had even opined that the role in Mi2 was very vague and not well scripted then.

The 76 year old actor rose to fame with some spectacular performances as Gandalf in “Hobbit” and as Magneto in “X-Men” franchise. He had almost horrified his agent for turning down a Tom Cruise movie or in this case a film of the MI franchise, as per MailOnline.

After declining the offer to star against the Jerry Maguire star he went on to thrill his audience with these clever roles which he had picked. His choice, no doubt reflect how a smart actor should be.


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