Sir Michael Gambon Filming The Casual Vacancy TV Miniseries

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Sir Michael Gambon Filming The Casual Vacancy TV Miniseries
Portada del libro The Casual Vacancy de J.K. Rowling 30 September 2012, 20:44:00. Wikimedia Commons/Leaky News/JK Rowling

The adaptation of “The Casual Vacancy,” a novel written by “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling, is rolling. Filming has started for the show in England last July 2014. BBC and HBO are co-producing the miniseries, which will include an ensemble cast headed by Sir Michael Gambon, who has worked on the “Harry Potter” movies as Dumbledore. Read further to learn more about this news update.

The Daily Mail posted exclusive photos from the set of “The Casual Vacancy” in Cotswold in Northleach, with Gambon looking relaxed and casual in his pajamas. In the report, the actor was seen sitting on a wooden box outside the set, waiting for his turn to be in front of the cameras. Later, he was also seen running about in what looked like his character’s work clothes, complete with an apron and a tie. The actor is playing the role of a delicatessen owner named Howard Mollison in the TV production.

In the book version, Mollison is supposedly overweight, experiencing a heart attack in the story. But for the TV adaptation, this bit will be adjusted to fit the character to the actor’s physical attributes.

Aside from Gambon, also seen on the Cotswold set is lead star Rory Kinnear, whose character, Barry Fairbrother, sets off the events of the plot in the story.

The Casual Vacancy” is set in fictional town of Pagford, described as a charming and idyllic village marked with cobblestones, abbeys and buildings with pretty facade. The town, despite looking peaceful, is actually at war, as its residence each have to deal with their own conflicts — the rich are at war with the poor, the wives are at war with their husbands, the older children are at war with their parents and the younger children are at war with their teachers.

The show is scheduled as a three-part event, written for television by Sarah Phelps, with Johnny Campbell as director. J.K. Rowling also serves as an executive producer for the miniseries.

There you have it for the production of “The Casual Vacancy,” with Sir Michael Gambon recently spotted on the set in Cotswold. Watch out for more updates about the miniseries only here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Leaky News/JK Rowling

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