‘Sistar’s’ Soyou Shakes Everyone by her Slippery ‘Shake It’ Performance

By Poonam Singh | 2 years ago

Live performances are not easy tasks to perform as no retake option is available during a live show and if something goes wrong then it will be captured by the eyes of the audience and of course the camera! Recently, at the Gyeongju ‘Hallyu Dream Festival 2015, a dangerous incident almost averted during the South Korean girl group ‘Sistar’s’ performance when Soyou, one of the group members, almost fell down on stage. Read for detailed information.

The group which is under Star Entertainment was performing on their third mini album titled “Shake It” in a live show when Soyou lost her balance and almost slipped on stage but thanks to her fellow stars, Bora and Hyolyn, who helped her in regaining her position.

It was said that if her fellow mates were not there to hold her then the case would have been different as she slipped very badly. If nobody was there to hold her from behind, either Soyou would have fallen down on her back or hit her head directly on the floor and the outcome for same would have been a serious head injury.

That slipping incident came as a shock to the cute face lady and she immediately walked down the stage cautiously but returned back soon to sing her lines, “I keep shaking, shaking,” isn’t it ironical? However, the pretty face slipped again while going towards the backstage but not in that drastic manner.

The clip related to the incident became viral and is available on internet and everybody can watch the incident and see that how Soyou handled the situation. Well, everyone witnessed the incident live as it was a live performance because if it was part of some studio filming then that scene will be chopped off.

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Last month, another member named Hyolyn of the group was in news for her collaboration with rappers Zico and Paloalto and now Soyou is also in news for launching a healing duet with 10cm’s Kwon Jung Yeol titled, “Lean On Me” and it was announced that the idea behind making this song was to lift everyone’s spirit, provide healing and give soothing effect, revealed Soompi.

On an appreciation note, Let us wish Soyou and the group all the very best for future endeavors.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Sistar


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