‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Anthropologists Study Kody Brown and His Wives

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Anthropologists Study Kody Brown and His Wives
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“Sister Wives” Season 6 Episode 5 aired last Feb. 8, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on TLC. The episode kicks off with Kody Brown announcing to all of his families that a couple of post-graduates in anthropology is going to stay with them for four days to study their polygamous lifestyle. Read on to know more about Kody’s announcement.

Dayton asks if they are going to be observed like monkeys. Kody tells him that the anthropologists will just mingle with them. The children are told that if they do not want to answer some questions, they can just ignore it. It is emphasized that they are not forced to speak.

The anthropologists are also discussing about their own protocol during the visit. The professor tells Richard and Antoinette to delve deeper in knowing the specific responsibilities of each wife like who among them is the sex wife, the love wife and the mother wife. Antoinette adds that she wants to know how the wives act when Kody is not around. The professor agrees with her and emphasizes that “four wives is not the end.” His students cannot help but laugh at him.

Kody and his wives go to the university to talk to the anthropologists. Antoinette asks them to not treat them as guests. Christine says it is going to be difficult because they are naturally hospitable. Janelle thinks the visit is going to be awkward. Robyn asks the anthropologists if they are religious. Antoinette answers that she is just spiritual, not religious. On the other hand, Richard is an atheist. Kody and Robyn worry that the students will not see them as a functional family. Robyn is uncertain about the students’ biases. However, Meri is optimistic that if the students are skeptical about polygamy, they can possibly change their minds after four days.

After the anthropologists visited each home for the first time, the kids say that they feel comfortable with them. They are happy as if friends are coming over. Richard observes that with so much children, most of the Brown kids are running around and looking for affection and attention. He asks if it is a “wise” idea to have someone’s time and resources expanded to the maximum just to cater a lot of children.

Everybody gathers in the family room to relax. Kody suddenly asks the students if humans are naturally monogamous or polygamous. He believes that humans are “designed” to be polygamous. Richard agrees with him. He thinks with the rise of the idea of private property, humans adjusted to be monogamous. Antoinette thinks it is all about the humans’ “flexibility” in adjusting with the changing environment.

Kody and the wives are planning to have a barbecue, prank the students and make s’mores. Unlike earlier when Richard chose to stay outside as the family was preparing the meal, he becomes willing to play tag with Kody and his children. Antoinette mocks him that he is being too manly.

It is time for the prank. The wives are going to feed Kody as he talks to the students. They will portray themselves as clingy, while Kody will appear spoiled. They are trying their best to control their laughter because they think it is awkward. Meri and Robyn even hide in a room just to laugh out loud. It gets funnier as the kids imitate their mothers.

The mischief continues in the s’mores party. The wives stuff a lot of s’mores into Kody’s mouth at the same time. The wives are curious why the students are not reacting at all. After learning the prank, Antoinette thinks it was interesting because she saw the wives cooperating with each other.

The biggest issue that recently emerges is Janelle and Kody’s daughter Madison wanting to join the Mormon Church. Kody, his wives and the anthropologists are planning to talk to her. On the other hand, Madison’s siblings Mykelti and Hunter are praising her for following what her heart wants. Her brother Logan cannot relate at all. However, the three siblings agree that more of Kody’s children are going to join the Mormons.

Kody tells Madison that the parents are shocked about her decision because she never brought it up. Madison explains that she had lessons in the university from Mormon missionaries. The anthropologists are amazed on how functional the Brown family is because the parents are letting their children decide for themselves. Madison says that she was depressed in the university and found peace by joining the Mormons. That seals the deal for Janelle. The parents are satisfied with Madison’s explanation. They just make her promise to keep associating herself with the family.

After watching a movie, Garrison and Gabriel fight in the parking lot. Kody asks for the police officers to let him handle his sons. He yells at them for being so insensitive. He punishes them by not letting them go to Hawaii. Janelle thinks it is the worst thing they have ever done. The anthropologists think that it was the children’s way of getting attention. They let the family have some privacy while Kody and Janelle talk to their sons.

Kody admits that he has not much time for the children. Gabriel explains that it was a fight for their favorite car seat. He insists that he did not retaliate physically. Janelle says that she witnessed it and agrees with Gabriel that Garrison really lost his temper. Kody insists Gabriel to speak the truth. The conversation gets pointless when both sons are telling two different stories. Kody says he is embarrassed with Antoinette and Richard. Janelle defends the family that conflicts are just normal.

What will the anthropologists observe next? Catch the next episode on Feb. 15, 2015.

There you have it for the recap on “Sister Wives” Season 6 Episode 5, which aired last Feb. 8, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on TLC. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Discovery Communications


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