Siwon Choi Asks Pia Wurtzbach to Join Next Tour

By Nimfa Idea | 2 years ago
Siwon Choi Asks Pia Wurtzbach to Join Next Tour
Pia Wurtzbach

Today’s reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach is yet to achieve one of her dreams: to meet no other than her ultimate crush, Super Junior star Siwon Choi. Siwon also currently starred in the 2015 movie Dragon Blade with Adrien Brody. The Korean actor reportedly noticed Wurtzbach’s previous tweets. The 26-year-old stunner reputedly tagged Siwon as “super hot” and even called him her husband. She also called herself “Mrs. Siwon Choi.”

Out of curiosity, netizens dug up the beauty queen’s Twitter page to check the tweets. To their dismay, the Twitter account (@PiaWurtzbach) was now deactivated. In spite of it, it appears that Siwon appreciated the beauty queen’s previous tweets about him. He even congratulated her through his Instagram account (@siwon1987). The Super Junior member and singer Siwon posted a photo of him with fellow actor Brody.

In his post, he wrote “Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach 🙂 Heartfelt congratulations on your Miss Universe 2015 Award, and please be my guest for next SUPERSHOW! Looking forward to seeing you shining the world :^)

Wurtzbach immediately replied to the post after Siwon tagged her. In the comment section, she said she really appreciates the invitation. But it may seem impossible with her busy schedule as the 2015 Miss Universe. Some netizens joked that the deactivation was because of her viral tweets about “Super Junior”. There are some who opined that it was done to prevent further bashing by those who were not happy with the pageant’s results.

However, her Instagram account remains active. The German-Filipina beauty queen has posted selfies since she began her pageant journey. Miss Universe’s Twitter page is now also under her name. K-Pop fans are now asking if the next leg of the Super Show 6 will be in Manila. The last one took place in South Korea. It was attended by more than 28,000 fans.

Photo source: Facebook/Pia Wurtzbach

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