‘Sixth Sense’ Star Haley Joel Osment Makes Comeback as ‘Sex Ed’ Lead Actor [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
‘Sixth Sense’ Star Haley Joel Osment Makes Comeback as ‘Sex Ed’ Lead Actor [WATCH VIDEO]

Child star Haley Joel Osment is temporarily done in making serious-natured films as he stars in a comedy drama about a first-time professor teaching the most intriguing subject in the middle school curriculum – “Sex Ed.” Read on to know more about this movie preview.

Starting out a career at a young age, Haley Joel Osment was speculated to be one of Hollywood’s next big stars when he co-starred in like “Sixth Sense,” “Pay It Forward” and “A. I. – Artificial Intelligence.” 

However, things didn’t really progress so well for the child actor. After his landslide successes in highly rated and sensational films, the actor seems to have dropped off the grid and seem to have lost his way out of stardom. Taking up minor projects as supporting actors here and there, he still hasn’t gotten his old Academy Award Nominee – stints back. Be that as it may, 2014 may be his year to try to shine as he stars in the upcoming comedy “Sex Ed.”

“Upon watching the trailer, some judgments are highly likely to circumnavigate on your mind. But let us be subjective here. The “Sixth Sense” child actor plays the grown-up named Eddie who gets his first-ever job as a middle school teacher.  It’s in there that he discovers his juvenile pupils have no idea what sex is. So, he takes it up to himself to teach these kids the kicks of sex education. Plot twists; he’s an inexperienced lover – a virgin to be exact. Nonetheless, this didn’t stop him from doing what he deems needed to be done. As he pursues his teachings, he develops a love interest with one of his student’s older sister, Pilar (Lorenza Izzo) while he was the main enemy of a Reverend (Chris Williams).

According to Cinema Blend, his comeback is helmed by first time narrative feature director Isaac Feder and is based on the screenplay written by Bill Kennedy. There are also numerous popular comedian cameos that we can expect on the film. We can virtually expect to see Retta of “Parks and Recreation,” Abby Elliot of “Saturday Night Live,” Matt Walsh of “Veep,” Lamorne Morris of “New Girl” and Ray Santiago of “Raising Hope.” “Sex Ed” will open in theaters on November 7, 2014.

That concludes our preview of Haley Joel Osment in “Sex Ed.” Continue to keep your tabs on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates in the movie industry.

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