Skyfall Shows James Bond Still Strong at 50

By admin | 6 years ago

Skyfall Shows James Bond Still Strong at 50Director Sam Mendes has worked with Dame Judi Dench on The Cherry Orchard. Now they got back to do the 2rd official James Bond movie. It is the seventh Bond film featuring Dame Dench as M, who is the agent’s handler. It is Daniel Craig’s third movie as 007.

In Skyfall, James Bond needs to rescue the world from a computer-savvy criminal mastermind who has minions ready to take the fall for their leader. It is an entertaining movie that features a motorcycle chase scene across rooftops in Istanbul.

The action sequences in Skyfall are good. There are people who had their doubts with regards to Director Mendes’ skills in explosive and kinetic movement on the screen. The action in Skyfall should prove that he can handle action sequences and make them exciting for the audiences.

Right from the opening scene where Bond is chasing after somebody that has a list of agency operatives, the pace frenetic. It introduces us to 007’s field ally played by Naomie Harris. As the sequence ends, it sets up the movie’s two track adventure.

One of the storyline has Bond pursuing a shadowy rogue played by Javier Bardem. The other one features the story of M (Dame Judi Dench), the head of M16. She is criticized by her own government with regards to the viability of the agency.

The Bond franchise is celebrating its 50th anniversary and it looks like it will continue raking in money from the box office. Skyfall has already managed to earn $300 million outside the US. It goes to show that Agent 007 is still relevant in this modern age.

Skyfall is a big improvement from Quantum of Solace. The script has wit and tells the story in a straight-forward manner. His gadgets have also improved to go with the era. There are no exploding pens in this one.

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