The Slap Recap: Aisha

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The Slap Recap: Aisha
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The Slap” Season 1 Episode 6 “Aisha” aired last Thursday, Mar. 19, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. In this episode, Dr. Aisha Cole (Thandie Newton) became torn between her friendship to Rosie Weschler (Melissa George) and her husband’s family. They asked her to become a character witness for Harry Apostolou’s (Zachary Quinto) upcoming trial. However, Richie (Lucas Hedges) was placed in a difficult spot. It was after Rosie told him that she knew that he had pictures of the slap. At the conference in Boston, Aisha stumbled upon an old flame, and almost made a grave mistake. Hector Apostolou finally came clean to her about his little alliance with Connie. Read on to learn more about this episode.

In the present day, Dr. Aisha Cole (Thandie Newton) brought out the trash. She remembered how seven years ago, Sandi Apostolou (Marin Ireland) had come to her for help. It was after her husband, Harry Apostolou (Zachary Quinto) hit her.

The next day, Thanassis (Michael Nouri) called a family meeting in order to countermeasure the bad press on the tabloids about Harry. He asked Aisha to be a character witness for Harry.

At her clinic, she told a patient of hers, who had HIV and had been on drugs, that he had to be admitted to the hospital, but disappeared after a few seconds. She then said goodbye to Connie (Mackenzie Leigh), as it was her last day there. Later that night, decided to go to the conference in Boston as her husband, Hector Apostolou (Peter Saarsgard), was trying to get her to testify for his cousin.

Meanwhile, at the Weschler household, Richie (Lucas Hedges) was surprised to learn that Connie had told Rosie (Melissa George) that he had pictures of the slap. Gary then confronted Rosie. He told her that he didn’t want to drag anyone else into the incident. He was surprised to learn that Rosie seemed to think that she was the only one who cared about what had happened to Hugo (Dylan Schombing).

The next day, Richie confronted Connie. He became upset at the fact that she hadn’t given him the choice to choose whether he wanted to be involved or not because he didn’t want to be involved in the trial regarding the slap.

After Aisha left for the conference, Anouk (Uma Thurman), the babysitter for the weekend, informed Hector that Connie was testifying on Rosie’s behalf. He then went to her at her new job and confronted her about it. There, Connie realized that Hector was afraid of her.

Later that night, he asked for some advice from his father, Manolis (Brian Cox), who knew that he and Connie had a little dalliance with each other. He told him to come clean to Aisha, and reminded him that his being “good” all the time didn’t define who he was.

Meanwhile, Aisha, who was bored at the conference, ran into her old flame, Ajay. They then had dinner. As they reminisced about their wild medical student days, Aisha told him everything that had been happening. He was surprised when he told her that she should “keep the peace” and lie for Harry.

As the two kept on holding hands, they ended up in a hotel room, and almost slept together. It had been stopped short by Aisha leaving the room after she found his wedding ring in his pants pocket.

The next day, Hector surprised her by picking her up at the hotel and by bringing her to an art gallery. He then told her that he had kissed Connie and that it had just been that and nothing more. Aisha then got upset because now, Hector could once again be considered a good person, which she felt just hid the fact that he was a coward. On the way home, she admitted to him that she had almost slept with her old flame, and that he, Hector, had saved her from herself because at the moment that they had met, she had been a wild party girl who took drugs and drank a lot.

Back at the clinic, while waiting for an ambulance for the kid who had HIV and who had been on drugs, she was approached by Sandi. She old her that she would no longer be a character witness as she had told Thanassis that Aisha and Hector had been the ones who had taken care of her when Harry had hit her seven years ago. She then told Aisha that Harry still felt like he was an immigrant who wasn’t good enough for the Americans he lived among, and that her marriage, although with it’s faults, was a good one.

Later that night, Aisha came home and saw her husband happily playing with their children. Because she couldn’t reconcile the Aisha of the present to what she used to be, she walked away and cried.

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