The Slap Recap: Anouk

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The Slap Recap: Anouk
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The Slap” Season 1 Episode 3 “Anouk” aired last Feb. 26, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. In this episode, in the aftermath of the slap, Anouk (Uma Thurman) discovered that each of her friends responded differently to the event, and made two discoveries that would change her own life forever. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, it was revealed that Anouk (Uma Thurman) hadn’t really seen the slap. She and her boyfriend, Jamie (Penn Badgley) had been more concerned about Hector Apostolou (Peter Saarsgard), who they had seen under the stairs with Connie (Mackenzie Leigh).

Later that night, instead of writing the script for the next episode of the television show she was doing, she ended up sleeping with Jamie yet again.

The next day, she met up with Rosie Weschler (Melissa George) and Dr. Aisha Cole-Apostolou (Thandie Newton), only to get two different reactions regarding recent events. It was only Rosie was delighted that Harry Apostolou (Zachary Quinto) had been arrested. Anouk then told Rosie that she thought that she shouldn’t have involved the police because Hugo’s (Dylan Schombing) wounds, both emotional and physical would heal someday.

She then paid a visit to her mother, Virginia (Blythe Danner). She is a professor at the Psychology Department at Columbia University. She then told her mother that she had been feeling weird and snappish, and told her mother about the slap. Afterwards, Virginia invited her and Jamie to come over the next day for dinner as they were going to celebrate her, Virginia’s, birthday.

Afterwards, before going to the club where Jamie was playing at with his band, she passed by Hector’s house. She told him that he should call off things with Connie so that Aisha wouldn’t get hurt.

Later, she told Jamie that she knew that her mother was hiding something from her. She asked to pass by a drug store as she wasn’t feeling well as she had thrown up while he was on stage.

That night, she discovered, thanks to the pregnancy test that she had bought, that she was pregnant.

The next day, at her mother’s dinner party, Anouk broke down. It was after her mother announced that she was leaving to return home to Edinborough, and walked out on the party.

The next morning, Jamie confronted Anouk as he knew that she was pregnant and proposed that they get married. However, Anouk, who didn’t see how she, who was thirteen years older than him could do that, ran to Aisha and asked for an abortion. She believed that she wouldn’t be able to be a good mother because of the fact that her mother, who had only taken her in after her divorce with Anouk’s father after he had died. She hadn’t really been the best mother or example to her. However, Aisha told her to sleep on it.

Afterwards, she dropped by her mother’s house, and looked at her browser history. It was revealed that her mother was going back to Edinborough as Virginia had a brain tumor and that Edinborough University had one of the best experimental treatments for brain tumors.

She then apologized to Rosie and told her that the way she loved Hugo was beautiful. She then gave her mother a suitcase as an early birthday present and her mother revealed that she knew that Anouk was pregnant.

Later that afternoon, Anouk reconciled with Jamie. She told him that she was going to push through with having his baby.

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