The Slap Recap: Connie

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The Slap Recap: Connie
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“The Slap” Season 1 Episode 5 “Connie” aired last Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. In this episode, Connie (Makenzie Leigh), accompanied by her best friend, Richie (Lucas Hedges) made realized several things about her personal life, and about her father. She also made an important decision that would make a difference in the now headed to trial court case against Harry Apostolou (Zachary Quinto) that would affect everyone who witnessed the incident.  Read on to learn more about this episode.

In class, Connie (Makenzie Leigh) was distracted in class. She congratulated her best friend Richie (Lucas Hedges), who finally had been invited to a party. Meanwhile, Assistant District Attorney Bridget Saltire (Ellen Adair) along with her clients, Gary (Thomas Sadoski)  and Rosie Weshler (Melissa George), met up with Thanassis (Michael Nouri), whose clients were Harry (Zachary Quinto) and Sandi (Marin Ireland) Apostolou. There, the judge determined that the case was headed to trial, as no one wanted to settle. Saltire told her clients that they needed more proof of the slap.

At a nearby diner, Richie and Connie watched the mundane antics of their peers. After Connie laughed at a picture of a construction site, Richie guessed that it was sent by Hector Apostolou (Peter Saarsgard), and warned her about him. He also revealed that he had pictures of her and Hector and of the slap from the barbecue. At home, she was scolded by her stepfather, Tony (Kelly AuCoin), the building manager of their building. Because of this, she sought solace in her boxes full of pictures and things of her father. He had been a musician, and who had died when she was young.

The next night, Richie and Connie babysat Hugo (Dylan Schombing), and after Gary and Rosie came back from a concert, they watched “The Bride of Frankenstein.” It caused her to return home at one in the morning, much to the disapproval of her parents . They, in turn, had gotten worried because a policeman had come by to ask Connie questions as she had witnessed the slap.

At Hector’s house, Hector discovered that Aisha (Thandie Newton) wasn’t going to come with him to Gary’s art show, and after much pushing, decided to go. It was even though Connie would be there. She decided to go to the opening despite the fact that she was supposed to go a party with Richie.

At the art gallery, Connie confronted Hector about her feelings for him. He told her that they had to stop seeing each other as he was married and had two kids. Heartbroken, she left for the party, took drugs, smoked and drank to the point that she was drunk. She then pulled Richie aside and tried to kiss him, but he stopped her, as they were just best friends, and because she wasn’t herself at the moment. She then told him that Hector had lied to her. Richie told her that she had only lied to herself.

The next morning, Tony surprised her by giving her a bottle of pills for the hangover, and left a letter from Malcolm. He is a good friend of her father’s who had some things of her father’s that he wanted to give her.

With Richie’s car, they travelled to upstate New York. this is where they discovered that Malcolm was leaving for California. He then showed her a children’s book that her father had been writing, a book that he wrote, and several masters of his music. He then told Connie that her father had actually left him for her mother and her. However, when that didn’t work out, he had come back to Malcolm. Things were different this time because instead of drugs, he tried to become clean so that he could be a father. He also told her that they were supposed to have Connie over for her seventh birthday, but two weeks afterwards, Connie’s father had died.

Back at home, she told her mother that she was keeping all of her father’s things, and she didn’t object.

She then went over to the Weshler’s to give them a cupcake that she had bought. It was only to discover that Rosie was upset over the fact that she had received a court mandated order to have Hugo undergo a psychological evaluation. Because of this, Connie revealed that Richie had proof in photos of the slap.

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