The Slap Recap: Hector

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The Slap Recap: Hector
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The Slap” Season 1 Episode 1 “Hector” aired last Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on NBC. In this episode, Hector Aposolou’s (Peter Sarsgaard’s) friends and family reunite with each other for Hector’s fortieth birthday party. There, he breaks things off with his wife’s underage assistant, and Harry (Zachary Quinto) delivers the show ‘s title action after Hugo, Rosie (Melissa George) and Gary’s (Thomas Sadoski) spoiled child swings a bat at Harry’s son, Rocco. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with the Narrator (Victor Garber) informing the audience that the day before Hector Apostolou (Peter Saarsgard) celebrated his fortieth birthday, he was thinking about Connie (Mackenzie Leigh), his wife Aisha’s (Thandie Newton) young, high school assistant. He was seeing her on the side, but mostly, he fantasized about her. He was then interrupted by his assistant, June. His entire office celebrated his birthday, and the fact that Hector was going to become the Deputy Commissioner of the city of New York. However, the Commissioner later informed him that a Latina woman had been chosen instead of him.

Back at home, Aisha asked him to call up his mother Koula (Maria Tucci). She said this so that she would not bring an entire Greek banquet to the barbecue party the next day. However, he ended up fantasizing about Connie while he listened to some jazz music.

The next day, Aisha got up early and began cooking for the barbecue. He told him to swing by her office to get some valium if he really needed it for the party, and to get some last minute groceries. On the way, he remembered the night that he had brought Connie to her apartment, as they had kissed. He then got the valium and went home, after inviting Connie over to the barbecue.

At home, Rosie (Melissa George), her artist husband Gary (Thomas Sadoski) and their spoiled son Hugo, were already there, as well as Hector’s assistant, June. Koula and her husband Manoulis (Brian Cox) then arrived. Hector helped his father out in getting Koula’s prepared Greek food for the barbecue. This became a point of heated discussion for Aisha and Hector. She knew that he didn’t bother to call and tell his mother not to bring all of her food.

Outside, they were greeted by Hector’s cousin Harry (Zachary Quinto), his wife Sandi (Marin Ireland), and their son Rocco. After they got off, they were greeted by Anouk (Uma Thurman). She is a big time writer in Los Angeles, who had brought along her young date, Jamie. After everyone had entered, Hector scolded Hugo. The child had been manhandling his jazz records with his bare hands. He started to cry, and pacified by Rosie, who immediately cradled her son and started to breast feed him.

Connie then arrived, much to the surprise of Aisha, but she didn’t mind as Connie often babysat for them. Connie had brought a friend, Richie (Lucas Hedges), who brought along a camera, as that was his hobby. She then went outside with Hector and asked for a beer, which Hector refused as she was underage. She got one anyway, and Richie became the official photographer of the event as he was taking pictures everywhere.

Inside, Aisha was surprised to discover from her good friend Anouk, that she really liked Jamie, compared to her other boyfriends. Their conversation was then interrupted by Gary and Harry. They were debating over what the real measure was to judge a piece of art as Harry believed that the worth of an artwork was measured just by the price tag. Thankfully, Koula interrupted their discussion. She ushered everyone into the next room, as they were starting to open Hector’s birthday gifts.

Hector, and the rest of the family were surprised to discover that Koula and Manoulis had bought tickets for everyone to go to Greece. This was important to them as the younger children had to learn about their history and their own culture. Everyone was happy except for Aisha, who maintained that she couldn’t go due to conflicts with her schedule at the clinic. Later on, in the bathroom, Aisha argued with Hector. She felt like he didn’t have her back as he couldn’t seem to stand up to his own mother.

After leaving the bathroom, he discovered that the children were arguing. Hugo refused to give up the Ipad with a game on it. Because of this, Hector told the kids to play outside, instructed Adam, his oldest son, to play with Hugo.

Outside, while they ate, Manoulis reassured Koula that Hector and Aisha would be able to work things out so that Aisha would be able to go with them to Greece. While they talked, they noticed that Hugo had been destroying the bushes the entire time. After Rosie had noticed it, she had just cradled Hugo in her arms, and breast fed him.

After a while, Harry gave a toast and a speech in honor of Hector, whom he dubbed “the last good man in America.” Afterward, Hector took some valium and watched Connie, who was talking to Jamie. Afterwards, he went outside and suggested that the children play wiffle ball with Hugo, with Richie as the referee.

Meanwhile, at the adult’s table, Gary told everyone that he and Harry don’t agree about anything. It included the way they view their own children, and told them that Harry, who was rich, had ruined New York.

Meanwhile, while Manoulis fixed the bushes, Hector and Connie talked under the stairs of the loft, where the grown ups were. However, only Richie had noticed this, and Anouk, who found it strange.

Downstairs, the children played wiffle ball, and Rocco allowed Hugo to have a turn at bat. However, he struck out, but refused to let another child have his turn, even if Gary told him that his turn was up. Instead, Hugo started swinging the bat around. Harry then became furious when Hugo swung the bat at Rocco, at slapped him in the face. This caused Gary to be furious at Harry, and even asked Sandi if Harry also hit her. Hector then separated the two from each other. Gary and Rosie went inside with Aisha, to make sure that Hugo was alright. However, after a short examination, Aisha told them that Hugo would be fine. Sandi then suggested that they leave at that moment, to which Hector agreed. Afterwards, when things were calmer, he told Connie, who was outside fixing the backyard, that they should stop seeing each other. They shouldn’t tell anyone about their affair, to which she agreed to do.

After Hector’s parents had left, Aisha commented on how Harry was wrong to slap Hugo, even if he was known to have a bad temper. Hector then revealed to Aisha that he had not gotten the position of Deputy Commissioner. It made Aisha realize that that was the reason why he hadn’t been cheerful the entire day. She then kissed him to comfort him, and the two then slept with each other in the kitchen.

Later that night, while Hector smoked his last ever cigarette, Aisha informed him that Rosie might actually sue Harry. However, Hector was grateful that the incident had prevented him from kissing Connie under the stairs, which would prove detrimental to his own marriage. As he hugged his wife, he thought of Connie for a little while, then turned his attention towards his own wife.

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