The Slap Recap: Richie

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The Slap Recap: Richie
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The Slap” Season 1 Episode 8 “Richie” aired last Thursday, Apr.2, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. In the final episode, the spotlight is placed on Richie (Lucas Hedges) after a story on the slap exposed his deepest and darkest secrets right. It was before he was subpoenaed to appear in court to give his testimony which would determine the fate of Harry Apostolou (Zachary Quinto). Read on to learn more about the finale episode of “The Slap.”

The episode began with Richie (Lucas Hedges) taking a picture of a carousel. He later on used to create a series of pictures featuring the carousel which he submitted to his school’s art exhibition.

Meanwhile, at the Weschler’s, Gary Weschler (Thomas Sadokis) told Assistant District Attorney Bridget Saltire (Ellen Adair) that Richie had pictures of the slap. He wanted to make sure that he is treated delicately by the detective who would confiscate any device which had the pictures on it.

At school, Connie (Mackenzie Leigh) told Richie that she was sorry that she had dragged him into the mess that was Harry Apostolou’s (Zachary Quinto) trial and told him that he was going to win the art prize.

At home, Richie gave Detective Mulrooney (Derek Michalak) his laptop and the thumb drive that had the deleted pictures, which later on, was also acquired by Kiki Bleifer (Haley Rawson) at Thanassis’ (Michael Nouri) request when Mulrooney left them in the car while he ate dinner.

Thanassis then told Harry that because of this, they could throw out the pictures. He told him that he could leak out the story of why Richie and his mother had moved to New York so that he could get thrown out as a witness. It turned out that Richie had changed his last name and had moved to the city with his mother six months ago. It was after recovering from an attempted suicide attempt. This had been caused by the fact that his boyfriend had died after someone had cyberbullied them by posting private pictures of them online.

Later that night, a friend of Gary’s, a teacher at the New School, then passed by and told Richie to call him up. He gave him a brochure just in case he wanted to go to art school. However, afterward, a reporter for the New York Post who was doing a story on how a slap wound up in court, approached Richie as he was doing some fact checking for his article.

The next day, everyone began to avoid Richie after the article. It talked about what had happened to him, was posted online. Connie then confronted him and wondered why he hadn’t told her about it before. He apologized to him as a subpoena to appear in court to testify had just been served to him. Afterward, he lost it, and showed Connie the scars on his wrists, and walked out of class.

Meanwhile, Anouk (Uma Thurman), accompanied by Rosie Weschler (Melissa George) and Dr. Aisha Cole-Apostolou (Thandie Newton), discovered that her baby was healthy. Afterward, Rosie apologized for not documenting the slap sooner and told them to check in on her again after several years before leaving.

At home, his mother tried to comfort him, but instead, he had his pills refilled prematurely. He dropped off a photograph of Hector Apostolou (Peter Saarsgard), and another photograph to the Weschler home.

That night, Connie asked Hector for help as she couldn’t contact Richie. However, after looking at the picture that Richie had given them, Gary realized that Richie was going to commit suicide. Sure enough, he found him near the carousel, unconscious, as he had overdosed on pills and alcohol.

One week later, at court, he testified that Hugo (Dylan Schombing) wasn’t holding the bat when Harry slapped him. Ge told them that he had deleted the pictures because they were pictures of people that he admired and loved, and whom he didn’t want to see suffer like he did when pictures of him and his boyfriend had been posted for the world to see.

Afterward, the judge told them that she realized that this case was merely about “kindness or the lack thereof.”  She then ruled that Harry was guilty, but that his time had already been served. He told the Weschler that Child Protective Services was going to check in on them, and that whatever harm Hugo may cause in the future would be their responsibility.

Months later, Connie went off to college, and was seen off by Richie, who was going to go to art school.

At Anouk’s party for her new baby, it was revealed that Koula (Maria Tucci) and Manolis Apostolou (Brian Cox) were the ones who had gone on the trip to Greece. It was revealed that things with Jamie (Penn Badgley), hadn’t worked out.

Things became tense after the Weschler’s arrived, but they were invited to stay. Hugo then went to Anouk, who allowed Hugo to hold the baby in his arms.

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