The Slap Recap: Rosie

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The Slap Recap: Rosie
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The Slap” Season 1 Episode 7 “Rosie” aired last Thursday, Mar. 26, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. In this episode, Rosie Weschler’s (Melissa George) attempts to protect her son, Hugo (Dylan Schombing), proved to have consequences on her personal life, and her own marriage. It was especially as past mistakes are dug up, as the trial drew near. Finally, Rosie is given her day in court, which quickly became emotional, and caused her husband, Gary Weschler (Thomas Sadoski), to result to the thing that he promised not to do- to bring Richie (Lucas Hedges) into court. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with the narrator (Victor Garber) explaining how Rosie (Melissa George) had met her future husband, Gary Weschler (Thomas Sadoski), at an art gallery show which had his paintings in it.

In the present day, the two brought their son, Hugo (Dylan Schombing), to his first day at pre-school. Afterwards, Rosie met up with Anouk (Uma Thurman) in order to buy some clothes for the trial. It was interrupted as Gary called regarding Hugo. It turned out that Hugo had a tantrum after the teachers told him to sit down quietly during quiet time. Gary then became frustrated as Rosie wouldn’t let him say anything. She left Hugo with him as she had a meeting with Assistant District Attorney Bridget Saltire (Ellen Adair). She  informed her that Thanassis (Michael Nouri) had brought up as evidence the fact that she, because of the post- partum depression, had left Hugo alone for hours when he was seven months old.

Because of this, she confronted Hector Apostoulou (Peter Saarsgard) in the middle of a business meeting. She knew that Aisha (Thandie Newton), would have never disclosed that. However, all Hector told her was that these were the consequences and that he and his father had tried to stop this entire thing, and that information to come to light.

Connie (Mackenzie Leigh) went over to Aisha’s clinic in order to apologize. She heard that Aisha was staying at Anouk’s and cried. However, Aisha told her that she couldn’t comfort her.

The next day, Rosie decided to pay Richie (Lucas Hedges) a visit to beg for the pictures he had taken during the barbecue. However, he refused to do so. His mother told Rosie that he wouldn’t babysit for them anymore.

She then paid a visit to Harry Apostoulou (Zachary Quinto), to ask if he could just plead “no contest.” However, he told her that it was now too late to try to avoid trial. He told Thanassis what happened, who informed Saltire, who informed Gary, who became annoyed at the fact that Rosie didn’t even consult with him first as it had just endangered their chances at the trial. She then became upset at him for not doing anything to protect Hugo during this entire ordeal, which caused him not to go home that night.

The next day, at a court, Aisha testified that Hugo did have a red mark on his cheek after the slap, but aside from that, was normal. Thanassis, thanks to Sandi Apostoulou (Marin Ireland), didn’t cross-examine.

While the court had a recess, Gary came and told Rosie that he would do anything to protect them.

Rosie then testified to what happened and told the court that Harry had no right to “usurp” her position to discipline her Hugo. Because she was winning, Harry allowed Thanassis to do whatever it took to win.

Because of this, the court discovered that neither Gary or Rosie had really responsibly looked after Hugo. They said that Rosie breast fed Hugo, even if there was alcohol still in her system. As Thanassis brought up her post partum depression, Rosie became emotional and cried. Because of this, Gary decided to bring Richie’s pictures into evidence. However, in his room, Richie deleted the pictures of the incident.

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Catch the finale of “The Slap” at 10:00 p.m. this Thursday on NBC.

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