Sleep Tight and Pusher Movie Reviews

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Sleep Tight and Pusher Movie ReviewsSleep Tight is a Spanish thriller about a mean doorman named Cesar (Luis Tosar). He works at the front desk of an apartment building in Barcelona. Residents of the building rely on him even for the smallest tasks. He feeds their dogs, fumigates their rooms, sorts their mail, and more.

But behind his cheerful disposition is a disturbing resentment towards the residents of the building, especially the beautiful and sweet Clara (Marta Etura). She is blessed in all aspects of her life and this consumes Cesar. HE is determined to destroy her. Clara trusts him and this fuels his anger.

Sleep Tight has a simple premise and it needs strong performances to pull it off, which both Tosar and Etura manage to do in the movie. The bright environment contrasts the dark revelations and keeps the audience guessing even if the plot doesn’t have complicated twists in it.

Pusher is about a London drug dealer who is falling apart. It is a remake of a film of the same title by Nicolas Winding Refn released in 1996. Director Luis Prieto doesn’t add new to the original movie. The only difference is that in the original, the antihero is Danish and now he is based in London. Frank (Richard Coyle) is a drug dealer and after a deal gone wrong, he finds himself with no money or drugs.

The Serbian kingpin is after him and wants Frank to pay him in full. Ziatko Buric reprises his role from the first movie. He gives Frank a week to raise the cash. Frank can’t rely on his acquaintances and girlfriend (Agyness Deyn), who are all addicts.

Refn’s version is good enough to get two sequels. The Pusher remake is interesting enough to give Coyle a break in Hollywood. But aside from that, it is pointless and a waste of time.

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