Sleepy Hollow Recap: Heartless

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago

"Sleepy Hollow" Season 2 Episode 8 “Heartless” aired on Monday, Nov. 10, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. The episode deals with the relationships within the characters in the series as well as the issue of “Trust.” Read on for the full recap of this episode.

Ichabod and Katrina experience the modern concept of “reality TV” for the first time. While watching, the couple discusses the issues of Katrina’s secrecy and lies. Ichabod is apparently very hurt and rather disappointed.

Elsewhere, their son Henry summons the “big baddie” of the week using a beating heart. The conjured creature heads out to a night club, luring a young man and sucks the life force out of him, leaving him dry, shriveled and well, dead.

The creature returns to Frederick's Manor, transferring her victim’s life force into a large jar. It seems this has something to do with Moloch’s new plans to arise. Henry sends the creature back out again to gain more sustenance.

At the crime scene, it doesn't take Abbie long enough to figure out that the case is supernatural, betting Henry is behind all of this, but not before learning Ichabod’s word of the day, “Macking.” Our heroes try to figure out the creature their dealing with — a succubus. Katrina proves to be a valuable asset as she uses a spell to pin down the location of the succubus. Turns out, the succubus’s new target is Hawley.

Abbie and Ichabod arrive just in the nick of time to save their friend, with the succubus fleeing.  Ichabod sees Hawley in new light as he realizes that Hawley has affections for his comrade, Abbie, but refrains from telling her outright.

Katrina sees disturbing visions of Henry and the succubus, feeding the stolen life force to a baby. Remember the last scenes in the previous episode? Turns out that red lightning is Moloch, and somehow the Horrid King has survived and crossed over into our world. Katrina and Abbie get into an argument over Katrina's irrational insistence that Henry is still good, while Abbie points out that she is a witness and has been fighting this fight longer than Katrina.

Also known as the Incordata or the Heartless one, the succubus can only be defeated by destroying the heart, making the creature vulnerable. The fist guy to defeat the creature is the guy known as St. Valentine, who gave the heart to the King, hence giving hearts on Valentine’s Day. The lore in this show is just amazing. Abbie determines the location of the heart by using the trace she’s put on Henry's computer.

The group splits up. Abbie and Katrina head to the cemetery to destroy the heart, while Hawley and Ichabod locate the creature. The succubus tends to follow circular feeding patterns, returning to the same location where it has successfully fed. So Hawley and Ichabod head out to a night club. They find the succubus lurking around, and Ichabod goes after her.

Katrina and Abbie enter a marked mausoleum in the cemetery and find the vase holding the heart. They both see different things inside of it. Thanks to Henry’s perception spell, Katrina sees rats, Abbie sees maggots. Since a powerful witch is too much afraid of rats, Abbie reaches out to retrieve the heart. Katrina performs the incantation while Ichabod has stabbed the succubus, but to no avail. She starts to feed on Ichabod, while Abbie has to finish the spell because Katrina fell back unconscious. The heart bursts into flames.

Hawley saves Ichabod from being fed on, turning the succubus’ sights on him. Ichabod reaches out to Hawley’s gun, shooting the creature and successfully killing it. Ichabod lightens up on Hawley, coming to better terms with one another now.

Meanwhile, Katrina tells Abbie that returning to Abraham as a spy is her best option. Abbie later breaks the news to Ichabod, who seems to be fine with his wife’s decision, telling Abbie that she was right, relationships have to evolve. Katrina’s espionage skills will benefit the team better.

Abraham appears emotionally moved to have Katrina back and brings her to Henry and the baby. Henry seems okay with it but asks if Katrina still has her necklace on. Since her enchanted necklace is still in place, Katrina looks down to see a healthy baby boy instead of a demonic one, feeling an attachment to it.

There you have it for the recap on "Sleepy Hollow" Episode 8 “Heartless,” which aired on Monday, Nov. 10, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps


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