SM Entertainment’s Continued Controversies with Former EXO Members Z.Tao, Kris and Luhan

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
SM Entertainment’s Continued Controversies with Former EXO Members Z.Tao, Kris and Luhan
EXO-M at Nature Republic’s press conference on March 1, 2014. March 1, 2014. Wikimedia Commons/Luhan Please/Uploaded by Jin-gook

It seems like SM Entertainment has its hands full, not only with managing South Korea’s top musical acts and groups, but with lawsuits and controversies, which were bound to follow them, especially since several members of the sub-group EXO-M took legal action against the entertainment industry giant. Recently, however, the company has not only been plagued by the ongoing lawsuit of former EXO-M member Z.Tao, but also had to deal with several rumors regarding a current member of the group, and several former members of the sub-group EXO-M. Read on to learn more about the developments in Z.Tao’s case against SM Entertainment, and to find out what rumor has been circulating around the Internet regarding a current EXO-M member, and the subgroup’s former members.

According to Koreaboo, SM Entertainment had to do some quick damage control. It was after a poster featuring former members Kris or Wu Yi Fan and Luhan with current member Lay, circulated around the Internet last Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015.


The poster stated that the three would be reuniting in an event called “Bazaar Charity Night.”

SM Entertainment, after getting wind of this, immediately investigated the matter, and reached out to fans in China in order to get to the bottom of things.

Based on this, SM Entertainment discovered that the poster had been made by Chinese fans, and that the rumors were unfounded.

Later on, it was learned that Kris or Wu Yi Fan and Luhan did attend the event, but that Lay did not attend the event.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment is still embroiled in a lawsuit with former EXO-M member Z.Tao, who left in Aug. 2015, and who immediately filed a case against SM Entertainment.

According to Soompi, earlier this week, SM Entertainment filed a lawsuit against the musician, just like they did with Kris and Luhan. They claimed that Z.Tao and the Chinese company currently producing and promoting Z.Tao have not been respecting SM Entertainment by beginning to work on his career in China before things were straightened out with SM Entertainment. Therefore, all of the activities that they have been doing are illegal, and that Z.Tao had taken advantage of them.


However, Z.Tao’s camp, according to Soompi, released a statement countering SM Entertainment, in which they claimed that SM Entertainment was deliberately trying to stop Z.Tao’s career from moving forward, and that they are “manipulating” the narrative.

Z.Tao’s representatives then related that Z.Tao had been patient with SM Entertainment, even though he had been expressing his disappointment and unhappiness with the company earlier on. However, after taking one hit too many, Z.Tao decided to file a lawsuit against them.

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Photo Source:Wikimedia Commons/Luhan Please/Uploaded by Jin-gook

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