SM Entertainment’s EXO to Debut Japanese Single on November 4, 2015

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
SM Entertainment’s EXO to Debut Japanese Single on November 4, 2015
EXO-K/Official Website

SM Entertainment displayed an impressive amount of foresight when they first conceptualized the boyband EXO. It was designed to have two subgroups- EXO-M and EXO-K, which allowed the group to produce and perform singles which had a Korean and a Mandarin version. Given the unprecedented success of the Korean entertainment industry, which is continuing to boom and gain popularity every day, this was an extremely wise choice. However, now, despite all the controversies looming behind the boy band, EXO is now prepared to take another country by storm, another country, that, for many years, has welcomed the Korean entertainment industry with open arms- Japan. Read on to learn more about this story.

SM Entertainment’s boy band, EXO, which concentrates its focus on both its Korean fans and its Chinese fans, thanks to the two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M. It allowed them to perform and release singles, albums and music videos in both Korean and Mandarin at the same time, will, according to the reports on Soompi and K Pop Starz, will be looking to add another country to take by storm- Japan.

Ever since acts such as BoA and Super Junior reached the shores of Japan, these SM Entertainment acts, and others, have managed to achieve unprecedented success and an unexpected large number of fans and followers.

This time around, the SM Entertainment boy band, EXO, according to Soompi and K Pop Starz, will be dropping their first Japanese single later this year, on Nov. 4, 2015.

The boys announced the welcome news to Japanese music  fans during the “A-Nation Music Festival” on Saturday, Aug. 30, 2015, at the Yanmar Stadium in Osaka.

This, according to Soompi, will wonderfully coincide with their planned Japanese tour. They will be having several shows from the end of October until November.

According to the report, the boys will begin their tour with a performance at Fukuoka on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, 2015. They will then perform at the Tokyo Dome from Nov. 6 to 8, then will conclude the tour at the Osaka Kyocera Dome with shows from Nov. 13 to 15, 2015.

However, according to K Pop Starz, it will remain to be seen if they will be forming an EXO-J sub group, which would concentrate on promoting the band in Japan.

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Photo Source: EXO-K/Official Website


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