Smashed Movie Review

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Smashed Movie ReviewSmashed is about a married couple Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Charlie (Aaron Paul). They seem to enjoy drinking a lot. But after Kate experiences several scary moments, such as waking up on a couch in the middle of nowhere, she takes it upon herself to seek help.

She gets the support of her co-worker Dave (Nick Offerman) and her AA sponsor (Octavia Spencer). But as a result, her marriage is affected by her decision to let go off the one common thing she shares with her husband.

There are lots of movies that deal with alcoholism and its bad side effects on people and their surroundings. Smashed evokes a lot of emotions from its audiences. In the first part of the movie, viewers would wonder whether they should feel bad about Kate and Charlie. And when Kate seeks out to get help for her drinking problem, people would cheer for her because she’s trying to improve her life. She has some decisions to make, especially if she wants to stay with Charlie. Her husband still drinks and it is hard for her to stay sober with him at her side.

Smashed’s success depends on Winstead’s performance and she manages to deliver the goods. It is definitely different from her role in Scott Pilgrim vs the World. You would actually forget that it was her who was fighting her exes. She shows that she can handle a serious drama movie.

Winstead makes the character Kate believable. In the movie, Kate has to deal with the consequences of her actions. One time she throws up in class and people think that she’s pregnant. One lie lead to another and it leads to hurting people and nearly lose her job.

James Ponsoldt has directed several short films before he made Smashed. The movie is done in the typical independent film feel. It features beautiful shots of the actors as well as sceneries. Smashed has a limited theatrical release so you might have a hard time looking for it. It is a solid movie that is worth watching in the cinema.

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