Smith Slaps Journalist

By admin | 6 years ago

Will Smith, the American actor of such films as Men in Black, was greeted by an overly affectionate reporter. Smith was on the red carpet for the premiere of his new film Men in Black 3 on Friday in Moscow when the reporter hugged the actor and tried to kiss him. The male reporter from a Ukrainian television station closed in on Smith, gave him a hug and attempted to give him a kiss on his lips.

Vitalii Sediuk, the reporter, first made headlines in September at the Venice Film Festival, when he gave a bouquet of purple hydrangeas, which were obviously unappreciated, to Madonna, while calling her my princess.

The reporter made even less of an impression on Smith when he tried to steal a kiss from the popular U.S actor. What is your problem, C’mon man?” Smith said as he pushed away Sediuk and slapped his check lightly with a left hand backhand. Smith added, “He is lucky I decided not to give him a sucker punch.” Then Smith acted as if he misspoke by saying, “Oh no, are the camera’s rolling, all is good.”

Smith said the reporter succeeded in kissing him on his mouth, but it is still uncertain if that was the reporter’s intention or if he was aiming for a cheek and hit the actor’s mouth as Smith tried to avoid contact.

Sediuk was rebuffed by Madonna quite ungraciously last year in Venice. She said, “I completely loath these hydrangeas.” She then placed the flowers below a table and carried on with her press conference.

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