Smurfs: The Lost Village Trailer Teases Potential Three Spoilers

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 years ago
Smurfs: The Lost Village Trailer Teases Potential Three Spoilers
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The third trailer for Smurfs: The Lost Village has been released by Sony Pictures. The exciting trailer teases potential three spoilers for the film. It also introduces Papa Smurf to SmurfWillow. She is the leader of a group of female Smurfs.

This group of female Smurfs lives in a place called Forbidden Forest. Smurfette, in Smurfs: The Lost Village, with her best friends, sets out on an adventure to find the Forbidden Forest. She does this with the help of a mysterious map. Will they be able to befriend the new Smurfs? Will the villain wizard Gargamel find out the place before the Smurfs do? Read to know more.

Smurfs Cannot Stay Grounded

The new trailer for Smurfs: The Lost Village teases the strict Papa Smurf attempting to keep Smurfette, Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty grounded after leaving the Smurf village.

The trailer begins with Papa Smurf ordering the other Smurfs to stay grounded. But the enthusiastic young Smurfs sets out on an adventurous journey to discover people that look like them. Although Papa warns them about the place being forbidden, the Smurfs choose to defy his order.

They all gather inside a cave and discuss what they can find in the imaginary place. But very soon realizes that the place is real and they need to find the other Smurfs. They should do this before the evil wizard Gargamel finds out about them. And then the trailer shows the four Smurfs tread through the Forbidden Forest in a secret way.

Smurfs: The Lost Village

The Forbidden Forest Is An Alluring Place

The Forbidden Forest is more like an abandoned place. But it is very beautiful and attractive. One of the scenes in the clip shows all the Smurfs riding in the gushing river, in a boat like structure. In another scene of the clip, one can see the beautiful flora found in this forest.

They also discover that life is not easy here. The entire girls Smurfs are seen working hard to maintain food and other things. In fact, the trailer shows that these girls under the leadership of SmurfWillow trap the four Smurfs. How will they survive here? Will Papa Smurf come to know about their new mischief?

The exact reason why Papa Smurf stops the four Smurfs from visiting the place is not revealed. Perhaps the mystery will get solved when Smurfs: The Lost Village is released.

SmurfWillow Meets Papa Smurf

In the end moments of the trailer, SmurfWillow orders her girls troop to go in a protection mode. All the girls take up their guards and aim to shoot on the order of SmurfWillow. With this begins the action-packed sequence where the four Smurfs try to protect their lives from the new Smurfs.

The trailer ends with Papa Smurf (Voice byMandy Patinkin) meeting SmurfWillow (Voice by Julia Roberts), reports Movieweb. They both argue who is the real leader of the Smurfs. But finally, SmurfWillow gives in and says, “Whatever you say Papa Smurf.”

It has not been revealed yet whether Papa Smurf and SmurfWillow will have a romantic arc in the film. Smurfs: The Lost Village hits the theaters on April 7, 2017. Watch the clip here.

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