Sneak Peak at Miley’s new ‘Adore you’ video, will come out in 5 Days

By admin | 4 years ago

Miley Cyrus has recently revealed a small clip that lets us in on what her latest music video on her song ‘Adore You’ is going to feature.

The music video of ‘Adore You’ is just 5 days away from as it is set for release on December 26th 2013. The video features a grainy Miley wearing a little more than just a bra. The star in the video is seen lying and writhing under the covers of her bed and as she does so, we see something (a message probably) written on her arm.

We’re not sure until now as to who directed the video as those details are still a bit foggy, however, we do know that Miley also recently in this same week release the art for the video, which shows a close up of Miley holding a bouquet of roses in hands. Not fresh roses though, they seem like they have had the life sucked out of them and are withered.

In an interview with Ellen DeGenres during October Miley explained why she wanted ‘Adore You’ to be the first soundtrack of the album. She explains that the list of songs in the album describe her entire relationship with Liam Hemsworth (Which by the way didn’t work out so well).

Source: MTV

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