A Sneek Peek At Taylor Swift’s Treasured Fan Gifts

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
A Sneek Peek At Taylor Swift’s Treasured Fan Gifts
PHOTOGRAPH: Gist PH | Taylor

She can make bad boys, good for a weekend, but why only boys when she is loved by all? We are talking about none other than Taylor swift, the sensational pop singer whose song sweeps everyone off their feet and is a beautiful as her songs. Above all, she is a great human being. Time to time we come across the good deeds of Taylor like the very recent one when Taylor Swift donated $50,000 to a young fan suffering from cancer. She sends out gifts to her fans on Christmas Eve and unlike other celebrities, she never minds visiting her fans who are in the hospital.

Tay is not just a singer but an adviser too, from what to wear at prom, to a consultant to tell you what to do when you are sad she is there with you via Tumblr.

The love is not just one sided, fans too show their affection to Swift and never forget to send out some very creative gifts to the beautiful singer. Here, we are sharing some of the creative presents sent out by Tay’s fans that clearly shows their love for her and made us go “Awww…” (we are sure Tay would have given the same reaction) just have a look at Taylor’s treasured fan gifts:

A brick portrait made by one of Taylor’s fans who stopped by the Legoland Windsor Resort in the UK. The amazing portrait has been made using 35,840 bricks. Isn’t it really creative?

This one you all have seen, it’s a sweater made by a mysterious fan who knitted the sweater with a Polaroid image of Tay and was given to her mother at the show. Taylor expressed her happiness on Instagram, along with the picture and thanked the fan.

And last but the least, this cute sweater from a fan who knew everything about her love for cats and music.



Photo Source: Gist PH

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