Snoopy and Charlie Brown bring charm from page to screen with ‘The Peanuts Movie’

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Snoopy and Charlie Brown bring charm from page to screen with ‘The Peanuts Movie’
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The saying “oldies but goodies” may hold true for the much-anticipated “The Peanuts Movie”. Read on for more details on the upcoming film starring Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the gang.

“Peanuts” fans and eager moviegoers are waiting to see how their favorite characters will charm their way from comic book pages to the big screen with the Steve Martino-directed (“Horton Hears a Who!”, “Ice Age: Continental Drift”) film.

Snoopy and the whole clique’s antics are envisioned to appeal to the younger generation as well as how they did to readers over the years.

According to The Daily Mirror, Martino said that one of the most endearing qualities of Charles M. Schulz’s “Peanuts” comics is that the characters were drawn in a handmade quality that wasn’t perfect and was done in so much emotion.

It only means that translating them into 3D animation was not an easy feat. Charlie Brown’s character took two years to be recreated into a 3D design, relatively because they were not intended to be remade into more than 2D comic book drawings. Of course for “Peanuts” followers, they all know that that the characters’ warmth and appeal went past that.

Several days before he passed away, the late “Peanuts” creator Schulz told his daughter Jill, “I hope they remember me.”(via The LA Times)

This movie is indeed one commemorative reminder of Mr. Schulz’s legacy, as it brings other beloved characters like Lucy Van Pelt, Pig-Pen, Schroeder, and Peppermint Patty to life.

“Peanuts” aficionado or not, take a look at the teaser of the Craig Schulz, Bryan Schulz, and Cornelius Uliano-written picture:

“The Peanuts Movie” is produced by Blue Sky Studios and distributed by 20th Century Fox. It hits theaters on November 6, 2015.

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Photo Source: Facebook/The Peanuts Movie

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