Snoopy And The Gang Warms Hearts With ‘The Peanuts Movie’

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Snoopy And The Gang Warms Hearts With ‘The Peanuts Movie’
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Remember that warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia when remembering memories from your childhood? Well, The Peanuts Movie” brought that back and more. Read on to see more reviews of the animated film.

E! News reports that critics commend the movie’s director Steve Martino and producer Paul Feig for being able to strike the right balance between charmingly blending the traditional1950 hand drawn figures and the up-to-date wonders of today’s 3D animation vibrancy, giving a newer but familiar feel to Charlie Brown and his whole gang.


In this remake, Brown is involved in a starry-eyed situation with a mysterious red-haired girl in school, but being the blockhead we all know he is, messes up every chance he gets to introduce himself to her. Brown’s trusty sidekick and best friend—world famous beagle, Snoopy is also in the same self-conscious situation with the dog of his dreams, Fifi (voiced by Kristin Chenoweth of “Pushing Daisies” and “Descendants”).

The movie received numerous acclaims but was observed to have some snags as well. One case in point, the soundtrack. One critic said it had one of “most disappointing original songs of any Peanuts property.” As much as this could be a “see for yourself” item, here are some of what other reviewers have to say about “The Peanuts Movie”:

The Guardian’s Jordan Hoffman: “Indeed, The Peanuts Movie plays as something like a “greatest hits” of the franchise in all its incarnations, from the beloved holiday television specials to those cute-but-not-hilarious greeting cards that seem to arrive with regularity from an infantilising family member. All the classic moments are there, crammed in as if we might not get another shot at this. It’s all very sweet and charming, and we should be thankful this isn’t a childhood-ruining disaster. But it’s still a 93-minute movie that somehow feels a half-hour too long.”

USA Today’s Brian Truitt: “Peanuts is all about simplicity, and what the plot lacks in nuance and complexity is made up for with relatable characters whom people have spent a lifetime watching. The movie is a testament to Charlie Brown’s place in pop culture and a showcase for a new generation bound to fall in love with its perennially insecure star,”

Entertainment Weekly’s Joe McGovern: “Even if you assume that Schulz always wanted his frozen pond reflecting lustrous light and Snoopy frolicking in a lavish Hayao Miyazaki world, the animation steroids injected into the aesthetic here nonetheless shrivel the great melancholy that’s so key to the comic’s endurance. And also its underdog humor—South Park, which shares DNA with Peanuts, would feel equally false in high gloss. It’s a shame to see Charlie Brown, one of our culture’s most lovable nonconformists, swing for the big leagues and whiff.”

Hopefully some of the mentioned critic reviews would give would-be viewers an idea of what to expect. See you at the movies!


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