Social Media Is Blaming Drake for Serena Williams Loss

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Social Media Is Blaming Drake for Serena Williams Loss
PHOTOGRAPH: Hollywood Life | Serena and Drake

An outrage against Drake is streaming through social media. Drake happens to be the existing beau of tennis queen Serena Williams, who met an unprecedented loss against Roberta Vinci, an unseeded player in the tennis world. (via BBC)

This year’s United States Open is frequently proving the anticipations wrong. The six-time US Open winner Serena Williams dashed out by Vinci who was playing her first ever grand slam final.

Chris Evert, a former No. 1 tennis player commented “I saw a frozen Serena Williams. I saw a paralyzed Serena Williams. She succumbed to the nerves. She is human.”

Williams’ loss in the first calendar slam upset the fans and they left stunned. Their agony, outbursts against the Canadian rapper Drake, who was spotted beaming around the court during Serena’s match.

Drake and Serena were blowing up the news when TMZ photographers caught them in a restaurant in a disgraceful manner but they quickly ducked out of the media’s gaze, that left the fans and a part of media stunned. According to Time Magazine, the fans have taken the baton and started a campaign, #BlameDrake in social media.

The speculated relationship between Drake and Serena can be a hoax to pull publicity, though Serena does not need it.

There are people who are emphasizing on Vinci’s enthusiastic sports that caused Serena’s destruction in the match. Roberta received a bit of backlash but was equally flooded with support .

Hollywood Life reports that unlike her fans and some audience members, Serena isn’t accusing the 28-year-old rapper. She admitted to “more unforced errors than I normally make.” When asked about Roberta, Serena said that she thought her tennis opponent “played the best tennis in her career.”

Personalities who supported Serena include Michelle Obama, wife of US President Barack Obama, who sent a message of support after Serena Williams’ defeat.

Drake who is subjected to the negative speculation may get over the negative strain rapidly.

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Photo Source: Hollywood Life

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