Sofia Vergara Finally Breaks Silence Over Frozen Embryo Issue With Ex Nick Loeb

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Sofia Vergara Finally Breaks Silence Over Frozen Embryo Issue With Ex Nick Loeb
Sofia Vergara breaks her silence on frozen embryo issue with ex-fiance Nick Loeb.

Sofia Vergara has finally broken her silence over the frozen embryo issue with ex-fiance Nick Loeb. The “Modern Family” star has spoken with Howard Stern through his radio program, “King of All Media’s Sirius XM”.

Stern started the conversation telling Vergara he knew she was going through something. But Sofia Vergara elicits a laugh and responded, “I’m not going through anything. He’s going through something.”

Howard also told Sofia he understands why the actress didn’t want to pursue having a child with her ex using the frozen embryos on a surrogate although Nick Loeb said he would take full responsibility over the child, reported Mail Online. Sofia Vergara responded a query to Howard Stern saying, “Can you blame me?”

Sofia also added that a baby needs to be in a loving relationship of parents more than just a child needs a more mother. She clarified that she doesn’t hate Nick Loeb but also added that it is obvious that Nick had a problem with her, said a report from ETCanada.

The actress also cited legal papers that she and Nick signed before the process of fertilizing her embryos. She further said that it would be selfish to bring and raise a child into the world knowing the current state of their relationship. Both Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb agreed at that time that the frozen embryos could not be used without both consent.

At the course of the interview, Sofia Vergara added, “So, I mean, you make the mistake the first time, and then a year later, when you’re going to get another retrieval, or another fertilization, you say, ‘Wait a minute, this time I want to do it a different way.’ But two times? And suddenly now you want to change your mind?”

Sofia also added that she is confident the judge will honor the contract and that she is not upset about what’s happening as she knows she is doing the right thing and that she didn’t do anything wrong. The actress also posted a photo with Howard Stern on her official Facebook page captioned, “You made me talk too much”.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Sofia Vergara

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