Solid Duo Will Not Appear on ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Solid Duo Will Not Appear on ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5
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Another Stark will be gone this upcoming season of “Game of Thrones.” Don’t worry, because we’re not talking about the death of this particular Stark, but it looks like we will not see him this season. Read on to know more details.

Actor and club DJ Kristian Nairn told the Australian Broadcast Network (ABN) that he and his co-star Isaac Hempstead-Wright will not be appearing for their role as Hodor and Bran Stark this upcoming season. “We have a season off and we have a year’s hiatus, solely because I imagine our storyline is up to the end of the books,” he said in the ABN interview posted in

Nairn, who plays the role of Hodor, also said that he might continue his job as a DJ while he prepares for his return on the HBO series. The network has yet to release a statement about the said news.

“Game of Thrones” Season 4 Finale featured the solid duo alongside Meera Read as they reached the location of the mysterious three-eyed crow.  The upcoming fifth season, on the other hand, will take place Dorne as the production heads to Spain as its official shooting location. Season 5 will also feature new cast members including Jonathan Pryce, Alexander Siddig, and Nell Tiger Free, who will take the recast role of Myrcella.

How do you think “Game of Thrones” will be without Hodor and Bran? We will surely miss the “Hodor” catchphrase! Still, we know that the duo’s return will be epic. Let us know your thoughts by posting your comments below!

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