Some Girl(s) Movie Review

By admin | 5 years ago

Some Girl(s) MovieSome Girl(s) is a movie adaptation of a play made by playwright Neil LaBute. It is about a man who is not named. He goes across the country to see his old girlfriends and apologize for the wrongs he has made in the past.

Neil LaBute wrote the screenplay of Some Girl(s) but he didn’t direct it. The task was given to Daisy von Scherler Mayer. The movie is the same as the play. It shows how men can be thoughtless at times. But the movie version has a less theatrical feel unlike LaBute’s previous movies. The character doesn’t have a lot of depth but it manages to be intellectually gripping and make viewers feel for him.

Adam Brody plays the nameless man from New York City. He lives with his fiancée that viewers never get to see in the movie. It starts with the man meeting with one of his exes Sam (Jennifer Morrison) in a hotel in Seattle. It begins the trend that will continue all throughout the movie. He explains that he is soon to wed and wants to clear the air about any hurt he has caused upon his ex-girlfriend during their relationship.

Some Girl(s) shows a man who hasn’t considered the feelings of the women he has dated in the past. It feels like LaBute made the man to represent the average man. There are times when it is how to decipher the type of relationship he had with the women.

As he goes through his meet up with his exes, the character becomes more complicated. In high school, he was an immature kid who dated Sam. Then he got involved with an older married woman (Emily Watson) and he looked like someone who has a stronger sense of what he wanted to be. It showed how people are sometimes too difficult to understand.

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