Somebody Up There Likes Me a Fresh Take on Slacker Movies

By admin | 6 years ago

Somebody Up There Likes MeThere are lots of slacker movies produced by Hollywood and some of them are bad. It is good to find something that brings a fresh take on the genre. One such movie is Somebody Up There Likes Me. It is a movie that is full of charm and wit.

Somebody Up There Likes Me is a fast paced complex comedy that is well acted and smartly written. It is about Max Youngman, a waiter who can’t grow up, literally and figuratively. Over the course of 35 years, Max doesn’t change emotionally and physically. This is due to a magical suitcase.

Max is an immortal who slacks his way through life while all the people around him changes. Even if the character is absurdly pathetic, Keith Poulson manages to make him appealing and funny. This makes viewers enjoy the ride as he goes through life that just passes him by.

Poulson is paired with Nick Offerman, who plays his best friend in Somebody Up There Likes Me. He is hilarious and his performance is definitely appealing to the audiences. One of the memorable scenes in the movie takes place in a graveyard and director Bob Byington manages to get the right tone for it.

There might be some loose ends with regards to the magical suitcase but life is just as untidy as the movie. Somebody Up There Likes Me is recommended to both slackers and non-slackers. It tackles issues about life, mortality, and responsibility.

Despite its seemingly strong theme, Somebody Up There Likes Me is funny and entertaining. This is due to the great dialogues and acting. The animated interludes by Bob Sabiston enrich the experience to give it a dreamy feel. If you want to laugh and forget about your worries, this is the movie you’re looking for.

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