Son Saves Jennifer Hudson After Family Members’ Tragic Death

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Son Saves Jennifer Hudson After Family Members’ Tragic Death
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Jennifer Hudson gets candid as she shares her perspective about life, as the seventh anniversary of the tragedy that struck her family approaches, which had completely rocked and unnerved her.

Jennifer Hudson, 34, shared her sorrows and disillusionment in a personal interview given to the November issue of Glamour Magazine. The tragedy that took place in her family about seven years back had literally shaken her badly.

Hudson’s nephew, brother, and mother were killed in the month of October 2008. William Balfour, her former brother-in-law had been convicted of the series of murders and has to serve three life sentences back to back in prison.

She said that she was an aunt and had a dear mom but the tragedy transformed her status entirely as she had no mom and became a mom while raising her own son.

Jennifer Hudson gave birth to David Otunga Jr., her first child about a year after she went through her tragic loss. Hudson is married to wrestler David Otunga.

Hudson confessed that she keeps telling her son David that it was he who saved her life at that point.

Jennifer believes that it is critical for her to ensure that her six-year-old son knows about the country’s dialogue about racism. She keeps telling David that some of the most wonderful athletes and world leaders are black people but she also makes him aware about the reality of things.

When a little black boy gets shot by police when he was playing with his toy gun in a playground, she told David that he should not go outside and play with his toy gun as it was not smart or safe to do so.

Hudson wants to teach her son so that he can make smart and sensible decisions for himself.

In a movie called “Chiraq”, which will be released in this December, Jennifer plays the role of a mother who has to lose her daughter due to gun violence. She said that the experience seemed all too real for her.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

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