Sons Find Their Moms Sexy [WATCH VIDEO]

By Sandip Pal | 3 years ago
Sons Find Their Moms Sexy [WATCH VIDEO]

When some men look at a woman pass by, they cannot resist the itch of saying something to her — sometimes just for fun, chauvinism; sometimes to prove something to their peers or to momentarily appease the animal instincts. Even if she does not react,(which is the case most of the time, the subconscious of men who catcall know that she definitely heard it and that is a turn on for them. While some take it as offensive, some do not care at all.

Let’s face it — everyone on this planet has a twisted mind. Even though they don’t make it loud and clear, they can’t keep their minds off sex.

It is a known fact that women fear sexual harassment more than getting mugged. The video below is filmed in Lima, Peru, where 7 out of every 10 women are sexually harassed on the streets. The group who made this video has spotted recurring sex offenders on the street. They then got hold of their mothers who agreed to be a part after they explained to them how serious the matter is. The mothers were given a makeover and were out on the streets.

Watch the video below and find out how stirred the sons were when they found their sexy mommas strutting the sidewalks.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Michael Dorausch/Uploaded by Yjenith


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