Sons of Liberty Recap: Uprising

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Sons of Liberty Recap: Uprising
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“Sons of Liberty” Episode Two “Uprising” aired last Monday, Jan. 26, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on History Channel. In this episode, after Paul Revere (Michael Raymond-James), Dr. Joseph Warren (Ryan Eggold) and Samuel “Sam” Adams (Ben Barnes) instigated the Boston Tea Party, Lord North decided to send General Thomas Gage (Marton Csokas), who came with his wife, Margaret Kemble Gage (Emily Berrington), to enforce stricter laws and policies on Boston. Soon, John Adams (Henry Thomas) joined in the fight after Gage threatened him. John Hancock (Rafe Spall) joined them as well after his house was taken from him. Even though Sam didn’t want him to be with them, John persuaded Sam to let him join as they needed his position and money to bankroll everything from travel expenses to guns in order to form an army. Meanwhile, the representatives of the 13 colonies met to discuss the matter in Pennsylvania, where Hancock, John and Sam met George Washington (Jason O’Mara). Elsewhere, Warren began an affair with Margaret, who began to spy on her husband for her motherland — America.

The episode began in Paul Revere’s (Michael Raymond-James) in Boston on Dec. 16, 1773, where Dr. Joseph Warren (Ryan Eggold), Tim Kelly (Diarmaird Murtagh) and Samuel “Sam” Adams (Ben Barnes) and their men got ready to take the ships at the Boston Harbor. John Hancock (Rafe Spall) then came in and told them that he was out and did not want to take part in any of this madness.

Afterwards, they took the British ships at the harbor and, in protest of the imposition of taxes on them, threw crates of tea into the sea. However, despite the British soldiers ready to fire at them, Governor Hutchinson (Sean Gilder) instructed them not to.

In London, at Parliament, Lord North and his men spoke to Benjamin Franklin (Dean Norris) regarding the events that were happening in Massachusetts. Benjamin tried to dissuade them from sending ships and men over Boston, but they decided to send General Thomas Gage (Marton Csokas) over to make sure that their laws would be enforced.

As soon as General Gage and his wife, the American Margaret Kemble Gage (Emily Berrington), arrived, they relived Governor Hutchinson of his duties as governor. As soon as he had settled down in his new house, Mr. Pitcairn (Kevin Ryan), his aide, told him all about Sam — he frequented the Green Dragon Tavern owned by Kelly, and he has a cousin named John Adams (Henry Thomas) in Braintree. However, instead of arresting Sam right there and then, he decided that it would be better to send a message to the city of Boston by beating up people on the streets, by shutting down the ports and by sending Pitcairn to try to pay Sam off. However, Sam refused, and because of this, Gage decided to send another message by having a man caught stealing off a British ship flogged in the middle of the square. Afterwards, Margaret stepped in. Instead of hauling the flogged man off to prison, she persuaded her husband to allow Dr. Warren to tend to the man’s wounds so that he would not die.

Later that night, Gage met John Adams (Henry Thomas) and threatened that he would destroy him if he did not make his cousin see reason. However, John himself already didn’t like what Gage was doing. After Sam refused to leave Boston, John decided to help them out.

The next day, Warren ran into Margaret again as she was riding out in the fields. However, since her horse lost his shoe, Warren offered to bring her back to her house.

The next night, Gage went to Hancock’s house and seized it from him. Because of this, Hancock told Sam and the others that he was in and was ready to give them anything they needed. Sam wanted to reject him at first, but John persuaded him to let Hancock join them as they needed his position in society and his money, which ended up in Hancock bankrolling everything that they needed.

They then bought horses and saddles in order to go to Philadelphia, where they met up with representatives from the 13 colonies. According to John, in order to send a message to London, they needed the support of all 13 colonies since a united front would be heard more than just one voice. However, the turn out wasn’t that great at the Pennsylvania State House in September 1774. There, they blamed Boston for everything that was happening, despite the fact that George Washington (Jason O’Mara) told them all that he knew that Gage was like a cancer and needed to be stopped. Sam then became annoyed as the only thing that was resolved was that they would all write a letter to King George III regarding Gage’s brutality in Boston. Washington then came over to them and told Hancock that it was good that a man like him was involved with this and that they must resist the British for now and advised them to form their own army.

Paul managed to find a farm in Concord that they could use as a training ground for their militia against the British. He then recruited William Dawes (Lex Shrapnel) to help them out. Warren and the others recruited everyone that they could get, and Hancock bought guns and rifles for them to use. However, even if they had all the guns that they needed, they had no gunpowder, as Gage had kept everything and did not allow anyone to sell it in Boston.

Later that night, Margaret went to Warren’s clinic in order to get treated for a bruise that she had sustained because of her husband. They then began to kiss, but she broke it off immediately and ran out. However, after she left, Paul came in and asked for his help to treat Peter Salem, a free man who had been shot as the redcoats had thought that he was stealing gunpowder, when in reality, he was just doing as they ordered him to do — to load the gunpowder barrels onto the British ships.

Thanks to Salem’s knowledge, they came up with a plan to steal the gunpowder from right under the nose of the garrison that watched over the storehouse. That night, they stealthily overpowered several patrolmen, one by one, and replaced them with their men, who were wearing British uniforms. Under the cover of darkness, Paul and the others broke into the storehouse and snuck out the barrels to the woods, where Hancock, Kelly and the carts were waiting. They finished at dawn, just as the watchman finally realized what was going on. Before Paul left, he created a trail of gunpowder on the ground so that when he lit it, the entire storehouse with the remaining barrels, blew up. This infuriated Gage, as they had lost 200 barrels of gunpowder. He then ordered them to find Sam Adams and John Hancock before the week was out.

That same day, Warren and Margaret passed by each other in the streets but did not look at each other. Instead, they remembered the night that they had spent together. There, Margaret revealed to him that she knew exactly what Warren, Sam and the others were doing and wanted to become a spy for them, for her motherland.

At the farm in Concord, Paul warned Sam that Gage was looking for him and for Hancock, as he considered them the leaders of the resistance against the British. Sam then decided to take Hancock with him to Lexington, where they would hide for a while.

However, a man saw them talking together at the farm in Concord and followed them to Lexington. He then reported this to Gage, who decided to have Sam and Hancock arrested first before they shut the farm down. However, because Margaret heard this, she managed to slip a warning note to Warren as she went on a walk around the city.

Warren then warned Paul, who told the others at the farm to clear out the weapons, and to be ready to fight, and rode off to Lexington, shouting “The redcoats are coming!” to warn the town, Sam and Hancock. Hancock was ready to leave, but Sam stubbornly refused to leave. Paul wanted him to leave to find safety because he knew that Sam was influential, and if he died, everything that they had been working for would die with him. Because of this, Paul created a diversion by going off on his horse so that the British soldiers would chase him, as he had fought several soldiers already on the way to Lexington. This happened on April 19, 1775.

Meanwhile, the alarm in Concord had been sounded, and Kelly and his men fought the very first battle in a series of more battles to come, as Sam and Hancock rode off to safety. However, after hearing the shots in the distance, Sam stopped in his tracks.

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