Sony Defends ‘Aloha’ White-Washing Criticism: Official Statement Released!

By Bindhu Mol. G | 3 years ago
Sony Defends ‘Aloha’ White-Washing Criticism: Official Statement Released!

Sony responds to white-washing criticism over Cameron Crowe’s Hawaii-set romantic comedy “Aloha.” The studio has released an official statement regarding the controversy.

After allegations that Cameron Crowe’s latest film “Aloha” presents a “white-washed” version of the Hawaiian Islands, Sony reacts to the claims, and released an official statement in response, reports Us Weekly.

The statement read, “While some have been quick to judge a movie they haven’t seen and a script they haven’t read, the film Aloha respectfully showcases the spirit and culture of the Hawaiian people.”

“Film-maker Cameron Crowe spent years researching this project and many months on location in Hawaii, cultivating relationships with leading local voices. He earned the trust of many Hawaiian community leaders, including Dennis ‘Bumpy’ Kanahele, who plays a key role in the film,” the statement added.

“The studio calls for people not to ‘judge a movie they haven’t seen and a script they haven’t read’,” reports The Guardian.

According to Variety, Sony has released the statement after the recent claims made by the Media Action Network for Asian-Americans, which “asserted that “Aloha” misconstrues actual Hawaiian demographics by presenting a “white-washed” version of the state.”

Guy Aoki, the head and co-founder of the Media Action Network for Asian Americans, said, “It’s an insult to the diverse culture and fabric of Hawaii” in addition to the other claims over “Aloha.” The Media Acton Network for Asian Americans was not the only group involved in the “Aloha” controversy. As the Associated Press, AP reported, “some native Hawaiians also have problems with the film’s title.”

“While this not only sounds like the typical kind of response a studio rep would issue against claims of Aloha’s lack of diversity and respect for Hawaiian culture, it does back up its own claims with reason”, reports Cinema Blend.

Is “Aloha” excluding the Hawaiian locals? We can know for sure, as the romantic comedy, starring Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone has released today, May 29, in theaters.

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