Sony Hack on Britney Spears’ Death: 5 Most Insane Celebrity Hoaxes of All Time

By Kathleen Villaruben | 2 years ago
Sony Hack on Britney Spears’ Death: 5 Most Insane Celebrity Hoaxes of All Time
britney spears death hoax

Oops, they did it again! Hackers recently used Sony’s official Twitter account to start the big Britney Spears death hoax.

As soon as the Britney Spears death hoax spread like wildfire, Sony removed the tweet immediately and apologized to the pop icon and her fans. Obviously, the 35-year-old singer is alive and well.

Britney Spears Death Hoax

The OurMine hackers are such pros, even using Bob Dylan’s Twitter account to add to the Britney Spears death hoax story. They were even blamed for the previous hack of Netflix’s, Marvel’s, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s and Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s social media accounts.

Suspiciously, this is not the first time Sony suffered from hackers. In 2014, hackers leaked the scripts of the James Bond movie SPECTRE. They even included the company executives’ emails.

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Crazy Celebrity Death Hoaxes

Facebook/Paul McCartney

Spears is definitely not the only victim of celebrity death hoax. Through time, several celebs have fallen victims of mean hackers and trolls. Here are five of the most outrageous celeb death hoaxes!

Hugh Hefner

Death rumors of the Playboy founder Hugh Hefner fearlessly convinced a lot of people because of his old age. The 89-year-old mogul was the star of a dummy news website that reported his demise. Someone even created a page on Facebook to contribute more on Hefner’s death. Despite the Facebook page receiving more than a million likes, Hefner remained alive and breathing.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has such an enormous fanbase that her death hoax made a million fans worried and intrigued. Similar to Hefner’s predicament, an FB page was also dedicated on Lady Gaga’s alleged death. Obviously, it gained approximately a million likes. Condolences were even given. That is how convincing the hoax was.

Jaden Smith

Will Smith’s famous son Jaden also had a realistic yet upsetting death hoax. The crazy rumor said that Jaden committed suicide. Things took up a notch when sources claimed that Jaden uploaded a video on FB to say goodbye to his parents.

Robert Redford

Meanwhile, Robert Redford became a victim of a ridiculous death hoax. Of all ways to die, a tweet claimed that Redford died because of a tragic fall from a golf buggy.

Paul McCartney

This living legend’s death hoax is probably the most popular one because it is also the first. Paul McCartney became the focus of a crazy theory that he died in 1966 and just got replaced by someone who looks like him. He was obviously aware of the rumor when he included some references in his 1993 album. However, he again faced another death hoax in 2012 which instantly became trending on Twitter.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Britney Spears

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