Sony Hack: Producer Says Denzel Washington Is Not for the Racist International Market

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Sony Hack: Producer Says Denzel Washington Is Not for the Racist International Market
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Denzel Washington is one of the most highly acclaimed actors of Hollywood. Because of Washington’s critical performances in film, Sony cast him in “The Equalizer.” However, some e-mails leaked from the controversial Sony Pictures hack stated a different point of view. Washington is one of the subjects of embarrassing racist comments from e-mails released by the cyberattack.

Washington is the latest issue of the Sony hack that can destroy the reputation of the executives. Some reports said that Sony executives stated that he must not be the leading actor in international films because he is “black.”

However, according to some sources, the executives were not the ones who said racist comments about Washington. It was an unidentified producer who e-mailed Michael Lynton, Sony’s chairman.

After the release of “The Equalizer,” the Oscar-winning actor became the subject of e-mails. Despite the potentially offensive remark by the producer, he cushioned the weight of his comment by saying he hoped his statement was not insulting or disrespectful.

“I am not saying The Equalizer should not have been made or that African American actors should have not been used,” the producer wrote.

The producer just thought that the general international audience is racist. He believed that African American leading actors are not effective overseas. He criticized Sony that they do not focus much on the possible sales of movies that can be risky if films with high budget are not saleable internationally.

The producer who sent the e-mail to Sony was not identified yet. However, it was not because of censorship. The name was “scrubbed” from the e-mails leaked.

Nonetheless, Sony still believed in Washington’s talent that they cast him. After all, movies can still be about the message and quality. The mentioned specific leak is not totally bad news for Sony since the racist remarks did not come from them. They could use some good news after Amy Pascal’s racist jokes about the United States president.

However, it is still possible that the alleged producer who sent the scandalous e-mail was one of Sony’s higherups. It may be endless bad news for the unfortunate studio.

There you have it for the update on Denzel Washington as one of the subjects of racism in Sony’s leaked e-mails. For more updates about the Sony cyberattack, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Falkenauge at the German language Wikipedia


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