‘Sony Leak’ Reveals Jeff Nichols as a Possible Director for ‘Aquaman’ starring Jason Mamoa

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
‘Sony Leak’ Reveals Jeff Nichols as a Possible Director for ‘Aquaman’ starring Jason Mamoa

Leaked Sony information suggests that Warner Bros. has already chosen the point person to direct Jason Momoa as ‘Aquaman’ and that is none other than indie filmmaker Jeff Nichols. Read on to know more about the details to this scoop.

Sony Leak 2014 has led to a lot of unexpected revelations regarding ongoing and future plans of Sony and other movie studios. According to Screen Rant, there’s an email that offered confirmation regarding a crossover project between "Fantastic Four" and "X-Men." Simon Kindberg, the official screenwriter of both franchises, is working on laying the foundation to put both film pieces together. Such a project actually serves as Sony’s prospective model for their plan to create a shared universe for "Spider–Man," of which is actually going through the difficult motion at the moment. The media is certainly going haywire with so much information going out and we can’t help but feel sorry for the studio’s secret plans to go public this way. Be that as it may, another leak is giving out details that Warner Bros. and DC Comics have already found the helmsman for their 2018 “Aquaman” solo movie with Jason Momoa playing the lead role as the nautical superhero.

Screen Rant also reported that  a separate email was found amongst the pile of information released via Sony Leak 2014. It is suggesting how Warner Bros. and DC Comics made the move to tap Jeff Nichols to head the helming duties for the "Aquaman"  this coming 2018.

It was initially reported by The Daily Beast after the release of another report regarding the actor who would play as the on – screen nautical superhero, Jason Momoa, voiced his opinion that if he had his way, he would want Zack Snyder to direct the film. The exchange was basically made between Amy Pascal and Michael De Luca. First Showing highlighted that the studio might’ve seen his potential to direct such a medium as he is set to release a Sci-fi flick this 2015 entitled “Midnight Special.” Unfortunate enough for the actor, this is only wishful thinking on his behalf because Snyder is already set to direct two upcoming “Justice League” movies.

That concludes our scoop about Jeff Nichols helming “Aquaman.” Tune in to Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates on your favorite movies, TV series and celebrities

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