Sony Ropes In Sam Mendes For Directing Emil Ferris’ Adaptation My Favorite Thing Is Monsters

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
Sony Ropes In Sam Mendes For Directing Emil Ferris’ Adaptation My Favorite Thing Is Monsters
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The graphic novel My Favorite Thing Is Monsters will be adapted to a movie very soon. Sony has recently won the auction to the film rights and it is already under development. It is the debut graphic novel by Emil Ferris, who contracted the West Nile virus and was paralyzed. The novel centers on the mysterious story of murder in Chicago during 1960’s. It begins with the chronicles of a ten-year-old girl Karen Reyes, who tried to solve the riddle of her neighbor’s death.

My Favorite Thing Is Monsters Film Adaptation

Sony is in the talks with Skyfall and Spectre fame director Sam Mendes to direct My Favorite Thing Is Monsters. The official confirmation is yet to arrive, but it seems that the deal is almost locked with him. Mendes is known for his impeccable work in the past and has delivered some all-time hits, which include Bond legacy films. He is working on several other huge projects like James and the Giant Peach and adaptation of Beautiful Ruins. (Via Collider)

The official synopsis of the movie states that the film begins with 10-year-old Karen Reyes, who is trying to solve the mystery behind the death of Anka Silverberg. She lived upstairs and was a holocaust survivor. Is there some relation between her death and her past? Perhaps, there is some connection, which will be revealed later.

There are some intriguing details of her past which take the viewers to Nazi’s reign in Germany. There is a personal and a political connection in the story, which will merge with the details of the present time.

Who Is Emil Ferris?

Ferris was 40 years old when she contracted the deadly disease. She was left paralyzed from the waist down and unable to use her right hand. She had the responsibility to raise a 6-year-old daughter. But unlike her, the character Karen in the story, she did not lose her hope and fought every situation. She was determined to complete her book no matter how difficult it was.

Despite being in the wheelchair, she went ahead to complete M.F.A in creative writing from the prestigious School of Art Institute of Chicago. She was always inspired by her father, who was also an artist and made her learn stealth drawing, by this way she was able to add and replicate details in it.

Even after completing her graphic novel My Favorite Thing Is Monsters there were several issues before its release. The company that was given the contract to ship the copies to the United States went bankrupt and the copies were held up. However, the matter sorted after a while and the book came out in February this year, which was scheduled to be released in October last year.

She used Flair markers and Bic pens for completing her book which gave an authentic look of how wonderfully she overpowered her medical condition. Indeed, she is no less than an inspiration for everyone who has lost hope and confidence to make their dreams come true. Certainly, the movie will feature some aspects about her, apart from her work which has gained huge popularity in the genre of graphic novels.

Ferris always believed that after going through so many ups and downs in her life, she will definitely get something good out of this book.

Release Date

No release date has been assigned by Sony to the adaptation of My Favorite Thing Is Monsters. There is a lot be finalized in terms of production and cast before the studio announces its release dates. Fans can expect some major announcements coming up in the near future.

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