Mulan Live-Action Remake Update: Sony Hires Games of Thrones Director Alex Graves

By Bea Salvador | 2 years ago
Mulan Live-Action Remake Update: Sony Hires Games of Thrones Director Alex Graves
Mulan Live-Action

Sony is ahead of Disney. They just officially announced Alex Graves as the director of their Mulan Live-Action remake.

Sony made their remake intention public about a month ago. Disney, meanwhile, failed to have Life of Pi director Ang Lee on their team. Sony has definitely someone on board.

Of course, Alex Graves directed six episodes of the medieval fantasy show, Game of Thrones. So, fans know how he is with fantasy. His history with the hit show makes the slated production more exciting.

He will fulfill Sony’s vision on the Mulan Live-Action remake, the perfect choice for a screenplay filled with action, danger and excitement.

The upcoming film serves an adaptation of the story of Hua Mulan, the mythical female warrior from China, reports Cinemablend. Her journey was originally described in the poem, the Ballad of Mulan. She is the legendary woman who resisted the empire to save it.  A heroine who disguised herself as a man and took the place of her father to join the army.

Besides that, her story as a bad-ass fighting for honor can be played in different games. Sony’s narrative will more likely be stronger with darker battles with army to army conflicts. Disney’s classic kid-friendly approach on its animated counterpart.

Although, Disney had a lot of buzz when a speculation that Jennifer Lawrence would play Mulan for their take on the remake and fans went crazy. They already clarified the issue. But that would be a different level of Hollywood whitewash. Now, both are on a global search for a Chinese lead. Sony’s film is a Chinese co-production.

Also, Sony has yet to save a release date for their Mulan Live-Action but is definitely in the lead with its fantasy director, Alex Graves. Disney still work it out before reported release date on November 2, 2018. And date change is possible. A different approach is worth the wait.

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PhotoSource: Wikimedia Commons/Alex Graves

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