Sophia Loren Returns to Big Screen following Long Hiatus

By admin | 4 years ago

Edoardo Ponti will direct, The Human Voice, the next film of Sophia Loren the Italian icon. Loren, the legendary actress from Italy said she is returning to the big screen in a starring role. It will be her first big movie role in close to 10 years.

On Friday, newspapers in Italy reported that the star, who is 78, would star in The Human Voice (La voce umana), which is to be directed by Ponti, her son who is 40 years of age.

The movie is taken from a one-person play that was performed the first time back in 1930, and written by Jean Cocteau, the French writer and poet.

Unlike the version from the stage, which was in French, the movie version will be performed in a Neapolitan dialect. The film’s setting will be Naples, Rome and the port city of Ostia, west of Rome. Shooting of the movie is expected to last a full three weeks and start this month.

The leading role will be Loren’s first work for the big screen of any form in the past three years, when she starred in an Italian movie for television La mia casa e’ piena di specchi, which translated to English is My House is full of Mirrors.

The movie was an autobiography in which she portrayed her mother and Margareth Made portrayed the young Loren. Prior to that film, her last starring role was in a comedy in 2004 with Lina Wertmueller as the director.

This will not be the first time Loren has been directed in a film by her son. In 2002, she starred in the drama Between Strangers, which was the film debut of Ponti as a director.

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