Source Confirms That News Of Lamar Odom’s Improvement Relieves Family Members

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Source Confirms That News Of Lamar Odom’s Improvement Relieves Family Members
Lamar Odom

Well, all of us can finally take a sigh of relief as we hear that apparently Lamar Odom’s medical condition has improved.  The good news was shared by a source with PEOPLE, who is close to the Kardashians.

While the Kardashian family is busy with monitoring the status of Odom on an ongoing basis, Khloé is busy with getting the regular updates, there is a lot on positive vibes among the family members, said the source.

The news of Odom’s health improvement has really lifted the spirits of the Kardashians. The family is praying that his condition will keep getting better.

Odom, 35, had been admitted in a hospital last Tuesday after he was found senseless in a brothel in Nevada. According to the news confirmed by an insider to PEOPLE, he was later detected with opiates and cocaine in his system, and had also suffered from multiple strokes.

Members of the player’s family were at his side including Khloé, his estranged wife and the Kardashian family. While many of the Kardashians have returned to Los Angeles since then, it appears that Khloé still continues to be by Odom’s bedside in Las Vegas.

According to a source, Odom was conscious on Friday and could actually communicate with his estranged wife.

The CAT scan report has been also encouraging and the physicians are slowly taking Lamar off each support machine. The player is now off dialysis and that appears pretty good. The family is quite hopeful the way his health has been lately improving.

The source also said that when Lamar regained his consciousness, Khloé, 31 told that she loves him.

Odom nodded as an acknowledgement and it was the first response everyone got after the player was back to his senses. This news itself was quite encouraging for all.

The same Kardashian source said that the news of Odom’s improvement in his health has managed to lift the spirits of the entire family.

His family just wishes and prays that all go well for the player from here on.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

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