South Korea Welcomes U.S. Secretary of State Kerry

By admin | 6 years ago

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in South Korea on Friday. Kerry traveled to an area of the world that is currently bracing for the possibility of North Korea testing another missile. Kerry’s presence alone could also push the leaders of North Korea to do something seeking attention for a provocative headline.

At a news conference held in Seoul, Kerry told reporters that the world would not accept North Korea as a nuclear power and that the ongoing rhetoric coming from Pyongyang was not acceptable.

Secretary Kerry said the United States would make sure its allies were defended if necessary. He said during the news conference that U.S. officials were prepared to start talks with leaders from North Korea, but only when Pyongyang was prepared to be denuclearized.

Kerry’s stop in South Korea was the first of three visits to East Asia. The trip is to discuss the current situation regarding North Korea’s unpredictable regime and the possibility it may launch a missile that has the capability of reaching as far as U.S. Pacific territory Guam. After Kerry leaves South Korea, he is scheduled to visit Japan and China.

Kerry mentioned during his press conference that China, with its strength in the region could influence North Korea by putting a great deal of pressure on them.

Kerry’s trip coincides with a recently released U.S. Intelligence report that says the North Koreans have made advances in their nuclear knowhow and had the capability of attaching a nuclear warhead to one of their ballistic missiles.

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