South Park Season 19 Release Date Revealed

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
South Park Season 19 Release Date Revealed
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/South Park | When will “South Park” Season 19 premiere?

“South Park” ended season 18 with a two-part finale in Dec. 2014. Now, fans are wondering when are Stan and the rest of the gang returning on screen with their pretty crazy antics. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

“South Park” season 18 aired a two-part finale with episodes 9 and 10 entitled, “Rehash” and “#HappyHolograms” respectively. It has been almost four months since the last season ended, so when are Stan, Eric, Kyle, and Kenny coming back to Comedy Central?

Season 19 “South Park” is rumored to be released on Sept. 23, 2015, South Park forum moderator Big-Will claimed. Under the said forum, Big-Will said that the series will premiere on Sept. 23 because of this said calculation:

“Seeing as they take two breaks each season now, after the 4th and 8th episodes, and the second break being the day before Thanksgiving, I calculate the first episode this way,” Big-Will noted.

The forum moderator cited that Thanksgiving this year will take place on Nov. 26, which means that the second break is on the 25th, while the first break is five weeks before that, giving us Oct. 21. Big-Will went on and calculated that season will premiere four weeks prior to the first break, which leads to a Sept. 23 premiere.

If Big-Will’s calculations are correct, then “South Park” fans still have a long time to wait before the next season begins.

While the release date for “South Park” season 19 has not yet been confirmed or announced, rumor has it that the upcoming two seasons of the show will be in live action.

According to National Report, someone who claims to be a former staff who “worked close to the South Park writing team for some time” said that seasons 19 and 20 will be in live action.

This rumor might be true in some way, as the outlet noted that in episode 7 of season 18 titled, “Grounded Vindaloop,” the show shifted to live action when Stan and the gang used a virtual reality device. Fans were able to see a glimpse of what a live-action version of “South Park” looks like when Stan removed his virtual reality device and saw the rest of the characters standing around the computer.

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Photo Source: Facebook/South Park


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