Southern Charm Review: Lowest Viewership Rating for Season 2

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Southern Charm Review: Lowest Viewership Rating for Season 2
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Despite the growing conflict between former State treasurer Thomas Ravenel and young girlfriend Kathryn Dennis, “Southern Charm” encountered its lowest viewer ratings for Season 2 this week. Read on for details.

Bravo’s hit South Carolina series only generated 855,000 viewers recently, based on TV by the Numbers‘ ratings. FITSNews added that the show had higher views last week at 869,000 viewers.

It is definitely bad news for Bravo because of the deteriorating viewership ratings of “Southern Charm.” It managed to surpass the one million mark four times on Season 1, despite its mere ten episodes. The current season is on its fifth episode already but is still far behind one million viewers. This could lead to the network’s decision to cancel the show.

The second season obviously centered on relationship issues between the 52-year-old politician and the 23-year-old mother of his child. Previously on Episode 5 entitled “Shep-istotle,” Ravenel grew colder towards Dennis when pushed her to create a new hobby. Because he did not want his own girlfriend to stress him further in his campaign to the Senate, he finally let her live in a house downtown and decorate it freely.

Ravenel made matters worse when he forgot to acknowledge her during his campaign speech for his supporters. He managed to thank his friends, colleagues and neighbors during a barbecue party. After pausing for a few seconds, he continued to thank “everyone,” which unconsciously turned out to be Cameran Eubanks and Dennis.

During the confessional, Dennis admitted that the snub definitely hurt her feelings. She felt like “just another person at a fundraiser.” She did not feel like she had “any part in it,” considering that the event was held in her own home. She revealed her heartaches further with a friend and wished that her boyfriend should have said that he had a “beautiful girlfriend” who was with him “through a lot of bullshit.”

“Southern Charm” airs every Monday at 10:00 p.m. on Bravo. Catch the next episode on Apr. 20, 2015.

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