“Sparks Fly” By Taylor Swift as The Promo Song for CW’s Hart of Dixie

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The Rachel Bilson-fronted show is all set to use “Sparks Fly”-a song by Taylor Swift in its promo. It will be exciting to see the audience’s reaction when they see their favorite show coupled with a hit number by Taylor Swift.

The track has already created a buzz in the industry. And it goes quite well with the reel-life characters in the show as well-Bilson and Wilson Bethel, playing as Zoe an Wade in the show, respectively. The couple already has a huge fan following and they would go bizarre when they see the promo as one of them make a swoon-worthy confession in the video. Now, this is something major!


The show will be back with its midseason on January 23rd and the promo is doing all good for them. Wanna know what is the exact clipping show in the promo? Keep reading:

Wade goes to Zoe and finally expresses his feelings for her, saying ” I like you, Zoe. It kills me”. The perfection with which Wade says it is just awesome. The spark between Wade and Zoe captures the highlight of the promo. Also, the connection between Zoe and golden-boy of town-George has also been shown. While both, George and Zoe, had decided to end the flirty-relation of theirs in the previous season, that, in no way, means that things will be alright between George and Lemon-his fiance in the coming season. To quote a line from the promo that George says to her, it says “We haven’t connected at all on any level in quite some time, I’m having doubts”. Now that would create some buzz for sure.


In an interview, Bethel was asked to give a little tease to his fans. And the star answered that by giving a hint that the season will end on a positive note with Wade and Zoe together. So, if the viewers can stick to the serial till the end, they would be quite happy indeed then. However, he added at the end that all this is just a suspicion. Even he doesn’t know how exactly the show is going to end this season. Probably, this was all his own intuition creeping up.


Hart of Dixie starts from Monday, January 23rd at 9 p.m on CW.


I guess you too must have found this small promo quite fascinating and exciting, just like us, isn’t it? Especially with the presence of “Sparks fly” by Swift. And here’s a general question: What would be your choice if you get to decide who ends up with Zoe finally-George or Wade? Also, what are chances of George and Lemon calling off their wedding?

Make a guess till the season kick-starts.

"Sparks Fly" By Taylor Swift as The Promo Song for CW's Hart of Dixie
"Sparks Fly" By Taylor Swift as The Promo Song for CW's Hart of Dixie

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