This Is Sparta!: Scene of Gerard Butler’s 300 Enacted by Novak Djokovic at US Open

By Poonam Singh | 2 years ago
This Is Sparta!: Scene of Gerard Butler’s 300 Enacted by Novak Djokovic at US Open

We all have seen movies made out of famous games or personalities, but the first time a movie scene was enacted by a famous player on the field during a final match. Yes, we are talking about none other than the World No. 1 Tennis player Novak Djokovic who gave credit to his pal Gerard Butler’s movie “300” for his U.S. Open win. Read for more information.

“This Is Sparta!,” this is a famous dialogue said by the main lead of the 2006 released movie “300” meaning Butler as King Leonidas of Sparta. In the movie, when Sparta city was attacked by the Persians, its king declined the enemy’s demand of surrendering the 300 Spartans and decided to fight with the army of more than one million soldiers. King Leonidas aka Butler started the attack on the army by saying these words, “This Is Sparta” which shows he decided to fight rather than surrendering to the wish of the enemy.

The same dialogue was shouted by Djokovic in the final match of U.S. Open after defeating Roger Federer in four sets to win the 10th major title of his career at Flushing Meadows. Djokovic found the movie very inspiring and told about watching it a night before the final match. Butler, who is busy shooting for his upcoming projects and other stuff, took time out to watch the match of his friend.


Djokovic while talking to the Mirror stated, “We have known each other for several years and we are good friends. He happened to be in the city over the last couple of days, so I invited him to come along. It was very nice of him to be here and show me support, Funnily enough, I actually sent him a photo and a message last night that I was watching his movie, 300.”

The 28-year-old Serbian player further added, “I went to my box and embraced all my family and team and when I looked at him I said: ‘This is Sparta!’ It felt great. That’s one of the most inspiring movies I’ve ever watched. So actually, yeah, he’s a very cool guy.”

Well, it feels great when a player credit a movie scene and star’s acting for his win and no doubt, King Leonidas aka Butler must be feeling superb too after hearing those words from the mouth of a wonderful player. After all, it is all an actor wants from a character played by him that it inspires people.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Gerard Butler International


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