‘SPECTRE’: Why you should Absolutely Watch the Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘SPECTRE’: Why you should Absolutely Watch the Movie

Spectre” there’s so much to say about the movie yet I find myself going speechless over how good it is. Be it Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, Ralph Fiennes or Dave Bautista, everyone has done their part so well but shadowing everyone is the man himself. “Spectre” undoubtedly belongs to one man alone and that is Daniel Craig.


Daniel Craig in his fourth outing as James Bond fits into the skin of the character so well like he does in those fabulous Tom Ford suits. The events take place after “Skyfall” and MI6 witnesses a sudden drift in power. Amidst the merging of MI6 and MI5, there’s a man called Max Denbigh aka C who is heading Britain’s inclusion in a joint surveillance venture called “Nine Eyes,” mostly consisting of MEDC’s our world has. Bond on the other hand under the pretext of taking a “long overdue holiday” kills another assassin called Sciarra who is later revealed to be a member of an evil organization called SPECTRE (most popular organization in the Bond universe), following which he is grounded and it only leads him to go rogue and taking matters in his own hands. Following a trail that takes him to Rome and later to Austria, Morocco and London accompanied by Dr. Swann, Bond in his usual spectacular way takes down the organization and people associated with it.

However this still is not the best part, here’s what is interesting in the movie. There are loads of tributes to the previous versions of Bond and their movies along with Easter eggs that hint at where the next installment will take fans. The black Rolls Royce Phantom III car used at SPECTRE’s headquarters was actually a recolored version of the one seen in “Goldfinger.” The fight scene between Bond and Mr. Hinx on a train will undoubtedly remind you of the fight between Jaws and Roger Moore’s Bond or the fight between Sean Connery’s Bond and the Russian spy shown in “From Russia with Love.” Christoph Waltz’s look at the end of the movie was perhaps a surprise for everyone, but it also means that the makers are going back to how Bond’s most iconic enemy really looked like.


Calling it another stellar outing for Bond, The Guardian reported that even though “Spectre” might not be as good as its immediate predecessor, it still delivers what fans really expect from a Bond movie. From exquisite locations to breathtaking stunts, “Spectre” delivers from all angles. The Telegraph added that Chritoph Waltz’s character Oberhauser’s master plan truly was personal and his presence in key scenes was truly chilling. So if you haven’t seen “Spectre” yet, fix a date and go watch it now because this one shouldn’t be missed for anything.

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